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1"Potosi and the Fabled Mountain of Silver"  22  29AlbuqRay   Albuquerque
2"Getting more than my fill in Potosi"  15  16richiecdisc   Munich
3"Potosí (3.977m)"  14  59elpariente   Santander
4"Highest City in the World"  10  23lotharlerch   Telfs
5"IT COSTS A POTOSI!!!"  7  25marcelo15   La Paz
6"Sumaj Orcko (Magnificent Mountain)"  7  8andal13  Montevideo
7"high beauty"  6  7utttz  Genoa
8"La ville miničre"  5  6annieruel  Montreal
9"Potosi and the Cerro Rico"  4  7Pete.Gibson  Coventry
10"SILVERCITY"  6  6chancay  Hannover
11"Potosi"  6  24darthmilmo  San Antonio
12"Potosi (The Rich City)"  2  6boltonian  United Kingdom
13"The Mountain that Gives....and that Takes"  3  18tejanasueca  Quito
14"Potosi"  2  2K1W1  London
15"Ancient city of Potosi"  8  9jamzel  Melbourne
16"Potosi... what one day was the silver city"  2  4rafgys  Santiago
17"The mines city... La ville des mines"  6  12Maillekeul  Paris