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1"Lakes and mountains, forests and falls"  25  60TheWanderingCamel   State of Western Australia
2"Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi"  33  43andal13   Montevideo
3":: Bariloche ::"  17  24perfectly_zen   Brasil
4"San Carlos de Bariloche"  25  47pili   Argentina
5"Bariloche"  13  13luzmaria   Paris
6"San Carlos de Bariloche"  8  29IIGUANA  Santiago
7"San Carlos de Bariloche"  19  59elpariente  Santander
8"San Carlos de Bariloche"  8  7aah_stone  Brighton
9"Wonderful "Honeymoon" Trip"  12  5ahoerner  Curitiba
10"Bariloche"  10  39spidermiss  Leeds
11"WINTER VACATIONS 2002"  23  25janaina  Santa Barbara
12"Snowboarding in the Andes"  5  5realde14  Paris
13"Forrests, lakes and the best chocolate"  2  5sabrina_florida  Buenos Aires
14"Busy Lake District City"  9  24TexasDave  Atlanta
15"One of the world's most beautiful spots"  2  5Porteno  Buenos Aires
16"San Carlos de Bariloche"  7  5balieyes  Marbella
17"[NO TITLE]"  6  23CLillard  Houston
18"[NO TITLE]"  5wrjones  Fallon
19"Bariloche"  8  10sof76  Buenos Aires
20"Bariloche"  3  4wadekorzan  Basel
21"Capital of Patagonia"  6  13Veghel  Netherlands
22"Bariloche, Lake District"  3  3leostarico  Vienna
23"My Furthest Southern Sojourn"  4  7mydreamquest  Alameda
24"Bariloche"  2  8al2401  Palmwoods
25"San Carlos de Bariloche"  9  17lolitajane  Buenos Aires
26"Bariloche"  5  13si04530  Rosario
27" BARILOCHE - GATEWAY TO THE PATAGONIA "  7  8Frisbeeace  Buenos Aires
28"Living in Bariloche"  2  1ronoomen  San Carlos de Bariloche
29"Patagonian travels"  1alza  North America
30"Bariloche"  3  7dargains  Rio de Janeiro
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