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1"The Journey to Reims"  21  83Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
2"A pompous gothic cathedral and more ...."  20  21MEdelmann   Göttlesbrunn
3"WELCOME TO MY REIMS PAGE......:-)"  25  29eden_teuling   Netherlands
4"Reims : city of the kings"  14  38mariev   Paris
5"Reims-city of champagne"  13  27Dabs   Chicago
6"Reims - Champagne and Monuments"  9  24Luchonda  Gent
7"Reims"  34  148MM212  London
8"ATLC's Reims Page"  11  12ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
9"It's pronounced "HHHHHHRRRRemms""  9  16garridogal  Boston
10"Reims en Champagne par Porteplume"  5  15Porteplume  Bruinisse
11"A Visit to Reims, France"  5  12Cynthia_marie  Ottawa
12"Cathedral City"  3  12dinhyen  Cambridge
13"Reims - Champagne and the Cathedral"  3  13Herkbert  Williamsville
14"Champagne city of history"  4  17Beausoleil  Sacramento
15"REIMS, MAIN DOOR TO LA CHAMPAGNE"  10  54Orkaena  Argentina
16"Royal City of France"  7  32rexvaughan  Decatur
17"The Capital of Champagne"  12  13dimilag  Thessaloniki
18"Reims"  2  5csordila  Budapest
19"Reims"  5  6Erin74  Los Angeles
20"Bregman's Reims Page"  5  6Bregman  Tel Aviv-Yafo
21"Welcome to my Champagne World"  7  23LysDor  Finland
22"When in Reims"  4  4nigelw6443  Berlin
23"“Cheers” Reims"  4  11miguelle_guisson  India
24"[NO TITLE]"  1  2bisous333  London
25"[NO TITLE]"  1mejlmi  Stockholm
26"Historic Reims"  3  4pedroswift  Brisbane
27"Home of Champagne"  1  4nyc_chef_1971  New York City
28"The Capital of Champagne Country"  4  15Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
29"Pierre_Rouss's Reims and Champagne region Page"  8  1Pierre_Rouss  Montreal
30"The capital of champagne"  15  7aliante1981  London
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