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1"An astonishing city!"  13  82elsadran   Greece
2"The prettiest town i have seen in Brazil so far."  9  17cachaseiro   Denmark
3"Black Gold"  9  7racheljapi   Rio de Janeiro
4"Ouro Preto"  7  19mircaskirca   Slovenia
5"THE HISTORICAL LANDSCAPES OF OURO PRETO"  16  27janaina   Santa Barbara
6"Ouro Preto"  17  34NedHopkins  Stockton
7"City of black gold - Ouro Preto"  8  9Luchonda  Gent
8"Outro Preto"  6  8dargains  Rio de Janeiro
9"Ouro Preto"  6  22solopes  Turquel
10"Ouro Preto: The Old Capital of Minas Gerais"  5  17Gwynethart  San Francisco
11"The colonial towns of Minas Gerais"  7  14Andreas_Fran  Corfu Island
12"Spirits in the hills."  2  19peace_prevails  Texas
13"Ouro Preto - Ways to get there and move around"  1Dutras  Gramado
14"The town of black gold"  7  5deeper_blue  London
15"Ouro Preto"  1  6bsfreeloader  Sofia
16"OURO PRETO"  4  21swesn  Singapore
17"Lovely Ouro Preto"  1  8Ramonq  Makati
18"OURO PRETO"  16  22pepples46  Canterbury