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1"The Adventure Continues in Hanoi ! Hanoi !"  72  105bpacker   Hong Kong
2"Good morning Hanoi !"  72  344kokoryko   Dushanbe
3"Hanoi"  78  129imstress   Singapore
4"Hanoi - City of the Soaring Dragon"  72  109King_Golo   Tuttlingen
5"Hanoi - City of Absorbing Sights and Sounds"  76  311victorwkf   Serangoon
6"MY 1ST STOP IN VIETNAM WAS......................."  57  52balhannah   Brisbane
7"Ignoring Hanoi"  41  44richiecdisc  Munich
8"Hanoi - You will Love it!"  46  113myspices  Malaysia
9"Hanoi - the city like no others"  40  8hientonkin  Hanoi
10"Hanoi, city of many lakes"  28  43Wild_Orchid  Malaysia
11"Hanoi, the old capital"  26  29SirRichard  Madrid
12"A Slow Way of Life"  31  46neurochic  Detroit
13"Hanoi Inside Info"  40  40pez  Hanoi
14"City in the Rivers"  29  30muddybok  Malaysia
15"Hanoi the People City"  20  64fachd  Canberra
16"Hanoi"  23  82Applelyn  Singapore
17"Ha Noi..History,Culture..and Yes...Motorbikes too"  21  86Greggor58  Ottawa
18"Hanoi -- Fascinating & Historic City"  40  85Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
19"Hanoi...My Favourite City in Vietnam!"  24  80dancinbudgie  Newcastle
20"guell's Hanoi page"  23  38guell  San Francisco
21"Hanoi in December!"  33  76shrimp56  Chicago
22"My Favorite City So Far!"  19  27Etoile2B  Venice
23"Grace under pressure"  18  68Tijavi  Middle East
24"Hanoi - French, Chinese and Vietnamese blended"  15  18SLLiew  Penang
25"Hanoi"  20  37leffe3  Melbourne
26"Hanoi."  25  97bcatton  Ho Chi Minh City
27"the 2sues in the north of Vietnam"  14  11SPW  Williamstown
28"Loved the place !!"  20  47pfsmalo  La Gouesnière
29"Hanoi."  15  26cachaseiro  Denmark
30"HANOI"  17  36ValbyDK  Copenhagen
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