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1"On the Embodiment of Vietnam: Hoi An"  31  49richiecdisc   Munich
2"Hoi An 22/3/08 to 25/3/08"  37  67balhannah   Brisbane
3"A charming piece of History"  25  28SirRichard   Madrid
4"UNESCO HERITAGE Site..a Vietnamese HIGHLIGHT..."  25  115Greggor58   Ottawa
5"The old town of Hoi An"  26  70call_me_rhia   Europe
6"A living museum - Hoi An, Central Vietnam"  23  69kelnsha  Singapore
7"Vietnam's Living Museum"  22  30sieffron  Somerville
8"Colorful Hoi An"  25  27muddybok  Malaysia
9"Where the time stopped"  13  26magor65  Wroclaw
10"Lit by Lampions - UNESCO world heritage Hoi An"  14  15King_Golo  Tuttlingen
11"HOI AN"  10  40betska  Nelson Bay
12"Hoi An = Tranquility"  17  13jmmorgan  Kinver
13"Hoi An"  13  15albaaust  Perth
14"Touristy but likeable Hoi An"  11  33ellielou  Baltimore
15"Hoi An - Silk Markets"  9  5Brisvegaskid  Brisbane
16"My favourite in the whole of Vietnam"  20  26kenningst  London
17"Hoi An : XPrience the Best of Vietnam"  11  16WaRPer  Bangkok
18"WARM & GENTLE"  10  8hientonkin  Hanoi
19"Great Little Town"  12  15galy  Haifa District
20"Gilad's Hoi An page"  13  19fiLination  Jerusalem
21"Hoi An"  9  38cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
22"The most charming town in Vietnam."  12  29cachaseiro  Denmark
23"Quaint"  7  8pfsmalo  La Gouesnière
24"Touristy, Charming and a Shopper's Paradise"  9Anarae  Perth
25"Hoi An"  11  30leffe3  Melbourne
26"Hoian"  5  4sakikot  Tokyo
27"HOI AN - the city of tailors"  4  18stevemt  Brisbane
28"Hoi An - An Ancient Town of Vietnam"  4  4gaolei  Westerly
29"Hoi An"  7  12JessieLang  Spokane
30"A small town that oozes charm."  12  11worldkiwi  Auckland Region
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