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1"Hue"  39  57iwys   Salalah
2"HUE & SURROUNDS ARE INTERESTING!"  25  67balhannah   Brisbane
3"the capital of the Nguyễn Lords"  26  91call_me_rhia   Europe
4"The Vietnamese Imperial City"  17  20SirRichard   Madrid
5"Ancient Capital"  30  33muddybok   Malaysia
6"IMPERIAL HUE"  15  47mtncorg  Portland
7"Hue"  19  40Starsa  Glenwood Springs
8"Romantic Hue"  19  45dinhyen  Cambridge
9"Hue in the rain"  11  24magor65  Wroclaw
10"Hue - A quiet town on the Perfume River"  11  30betska  Nelson Bay
11"HUé the Ancient capital"  18  21Christianzagar  Seoul
12"Hue"  9  48dancinbudgie  Newcastle
13"Hue"  11  14TomorrowsAngel  Riyadh
14"The rain capital of Vietnam"  10  10Mr.Sparkle  Kanazawa
15"Hue"  16  65leffe3  Melbourne
16"Hue - the imperial city of Vietnam"  6  28stevemt  Brisbane
17"Hue"  20  86cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
18"Hue The land of the Perfume River"  15  14galy  Haifa District
19"Hue."  9  14cachaseiro  Denmark
20"Hue"  9  21NYTim  New York City
21"2 Days in Hue"  9  15jmmorgan  Kinver
22"The history ..."  5  16hientonkin  Hanoi
23"The tomb and parfumes city"  4  7xaver  Porto Recanati
24"Hue"  34  39Blatherwick  New Westminster
25"Plenty to do."  6  9pfsmalo  La Gouesnière
26"On the banks of the Huong Giang"  5  5DSwede  Corpus Christi
27"Hue - The Former Imperial Capital"  9  15ECYM  Singapore
28"The Ancient City of Hue"  11  14kenningst  London
29"What they called a Perfume City"  6  65shavy  Ieper
30"Perfume River and Royal Tombs"  12  47tampa_shawn  San Diego
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