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1"VISITING COUNTRY THAILAND - CHIANG MAI"  53  147balhannah   Brisbane
2"Chiang Mai"  59  100SumTingWong   Vancouver
3"Chiang Mai Trip 2005: Wed 4th May - Sun 8th May"  31  75DarkRay   Singapore
4"Chiang Mai"  45  86Gili_S   Europe
5"Jungle Trek and Elephant Ride in Chiang Mai"  44  61vigi   Hong Kong
6"Chiang Mai - Great Base for Trekking"  52  53herzog63  Kodiak
7"Chiang Mai"  40  187blueskyjohn  New Jersey
8"C H I A N G M A I"  30  160imstress  Singapore
9"A Chiang Mai Family Adventure"  28  32BorderHopper  Los Angeles
10"Chiang Mai - Temple City"  26  76thedouglas  World
11"Advice for visitors to Chiang Mai Thailand"  50  72allthai  Chiang Mai
12"Thailand's second city"  33  42trisanna  Singapore
13"Chiangmai"  40  102pattayaraj  Bangkok
14"is this the rose of the north?"  21  33call_me_rhia  Europe
15"Relaxation,Nature, Flowers & Elephants in Chaing M"  15  84Mikebb  Perth
16"CHIANG MAI"  15  37aussiejen  Melbourne
17"Chiang Mai, the Northern attraction"  17  75PS_Lee81  Marang
18"Chaing Mai"  16  30easterntrekker  Halifax
19"Chiang Mai - a relaxing experience"  18  25PierreZA  Pretoria
20"Rose of North Thailand"  24  54yipsufen  Kuala Lumpur
21"The Old Capital City"  35  62dimanche  Singapore
22"Pat and ZoAnn's Excellent Adventures in Chiang Mai"  18  19Pat&ZoAnn  Vancouver
23"Chiang Mai"  13  48i-s-a  Province of Bataan
24"Where all the expats in Thailand want to live"  15  4riproy  Canada
25"Chiang Mai"  17  32Pat_Bangkok  Bangkok
26"Chiang Mai - Old city of the North"  14  52iNorv9  Portland
27"This is my new home town ..."  35  7Tusitala  Bangkok
28"Jam Packed Week in Chiang Mai"  14  46nattybabe  Dubai
29"Chiang Mai - Beauty, Business, Buddhism"  9  10Myndo  Basel
30"Chiang Mai"  9  48mary2u99  Kuala Lumpur
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