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1"Austria - Where to go and what to do !"  171  741globetrott   Vienna
2"Classy Austria"  110  131dr.firas   Como
3"AUSTRIA"  43  220hopang   Sweden
4"Paul2001's Austria Page"  40  63Paul2001   Toronto
5"4 Visits and 1 conclusion... Stunning!!"  23  41nhcram   Dover
6"Country of mountains, country of streams..."  61  299Fam.Rauca  Vienna
7"AEIOU?"  19  20mtncorg  Portland
8"Austria, an all-year-round destination"  23  39Helga67  Belgium
9"Austria"  21  22sandysmith  West Kirby
10"Sweetberry's Austria Page"  14  15Sweetberry1  Hervey Bay
11"Bad Gastein and the Gasteiner Tal ( Gastein Valley"  19  42Tolik  Tampa
12"Austria, another jewel in the crown of Europe"  12  24850prc  Florida
13"Sharrie's Austria Elegance"  24  25Sharrie  Bali
14"Two Very Different Cities"  18  31DueSer  Los Angeles
15"Roeffie's Austria Page"  16  48Roeffie  Druten
16"Austria - "The Hills Are Alive With the Sound...""  5  7SLLiew  Penang
17"I Adore Austria Now!"  4  16hunterV   Syeverodonets'k
18"Turracher Hoeche"  5  25FRONA  Zagreb
19"My adopted homeland"  10morgenhund  Vienna
20"sandravdp's new Austria Page"  27  28sandravdp  Haarlem
21"It's All About Austria"  22  16Rhondaj  Pennsville
22"GRANT IN AUSTRIA."  7  10GrantBoone  Greater London
23"Austria"  5  32giedre  Vienna
24"Austria"  12  13herzog63  Kodiak
25"Austria the home of Mozart"  16  3Tobias_Plieninger  Schorndorf
26"My Austria Page"  12  16socrates_07  Vienna
27"Keeweechic's Austria"  25  26keeweechic  World
28"Austria"  5  21tulipcat  Singapore
29"Austria - Oesterreich"  5  9grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
30"croisbeauty's new Austria Page"  8  19croisbeauty  Zagreb
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