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1"Island Life"  157  402sirenna   Boracay Island
2"Mabuhay, Welcome to Boracay!"  53  120joysweet   Manila
3"Yielding To The Call Of The Islands"  43  37syllybabe   Happy Corner
4"Boracay Barefootin'"  28  48bike_packer   Philippines
5"Paradise in my backyard"  24  33maple_air   Manchester
6"Rediscovering Boracay"  26  27asianbelle  Manila
7"Honeymoon in Boracay.."  17  43Cielo_Algaeed  Riyadh
8"yes, it really looks like this!"  23  42shohman  Minnesota
9"Boracay - Island Life at its Best"  20  29D._Pepper  Manila
10"Paradise found!"  23  33zippee  Lopez
11"Island Paradise of Boracay"  30  124cyndymc  Province of Laguna
12"(~_~)"oNe oF a PARADISE bEacH in 'd PhilliPPines""  20  34namiewa  Vancouver
13"Boracay"  16  84barbskie  Switzerland
14"Paradise on Earth"  32  86dcmanicad  Manila
15"Boracay Island - My second home since 1989"  16  83boracayinformation  Boracay Island
16"BORACAY, THE ISLAND PARADISE!"  30  104pres_16  City of Manila
17"BORACAY ISLAND"  12  106LoriPori  Windsor
18"Boracay"  25  32sweet_sentiments  Philadelphia
19"Boracay Island"  12  12campsong  Kabul
20"Fabulous beach with a social atmosphere"  17  13rebeccadv  Manila
21"Bora!"  16  37litekimchi  Philippines
22"B O R A C A Y"  25  68kylian74  Erpe
23"Boracay to the world"  17  19Yla  Province of Pampanga
24"Boracay - the best beach in the world"  10  10karengkeng  City of Manila
25"Best beach in the world"  18  19gypsysoul73  Manila
26"Bora! Bora!"  12  22honeymoon4ever  Province of Pampanga
27"BORACAY - My Idea of a Perfect Island Paradise"  8  20arni_ph075  Singapore
28"[NO TITLE]"  13  12iclee  Pasig
29"Perfect first time"  9  19mojacko  City of Manila
30"Fifth Anniversarry Celebration"  17  2cHeLLe28  Manila
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