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1"Marchés de Noël in Strasbourg"  71  146JLBG   Grenoble
2"WHICH COUNTRY DO I BELONG TO!"  39  125balhannah   Brisbane
3"Strasbourg - At the crossroads of Europe"  24  45mariev   Paris
4"The Best of Both Worlds"  35  89antistar    Frankfurt am Main
5"weekend in Strasbourg"  31  118brendareed   Europe
6"First stop Strasbourg......"  22  58Maryimelda  Brisbane
7"European town"  20  26ruki  Belgrade
8"Opera and Cycling in Strasbourg"  25  70Nemorino  Frankfurt am Main
9"STRASBOURG - The Beautiful Capital of Alsace"  20  32Ujamaflip  Karlsruhe
10"Strasbourg - Ideal Base For Alsace Travel"  22  68Mikebb  Perth
11"Strasbourg - My first venture to France"  15  29ATXtraveler  Allen
12"Strasbourg"  13  37german_eagle  Germany
13"The Leading City of Northeast France"  22  106hquittner  New Orleans
14"Strasbourg - French city with German influences"  17  17codrutz  Bucharest
15"Moscow - Strasbourg"  11  43Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
16"Strasbourg"  12  13Redang  Madrid
17"Strasbourg - Storks, Gardens, Petite France"  9  35Beausoleil  Sacramento
18"Strasbourg - A cross between France and Germany"  11  12Callavetta  San Francisco
19"Strasbourg - city of the European Parliament"  11  20chancay  Hannover
20"A piece of Germany in France..."  13  22Maillekeukeul  Paris
21"My old and beautiful city"  10koalatte  Krakow
22"Town of cross roads"  7  10traveloturc  Istanbul
23"Strasbourg: The Heart of Alsace"  7  27Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
24"Strasbourg"  6  11Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
25"Wonderful"  13  12knerten  Molde
26"Strasbourg, cross-roads of Europe"  6  7rwlittle  Panyu
27"Zlur's Strasbourg Page"  10  10Zlur  Malta
28"Pierre_Rouss's Strasbourg and Alsace Page"  6  4Pierre_Rouss  Montreal
29"Strasbourg - A Day-Trip to France"  3  12JetlagCity  Seattle
30"Great town for walking around"  4  13TomInGermany  Darmstadt
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