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1"Marchés de Noël in Strasbourg"  71  146JLBG   Grenoble
2"WHICH COUNTRY DO I BELONG TO!"  39  125balhannah   Brisbane
3"Strasbourg - At the crossroads of Europe"  24  45mariev   Paris
4"First stop Strasbourg......"  22  58Maryimelda   Brisbane
5"European town"  20  26ruki   Belgrade
6"Opera and Cycling in Strasbourg"  25  70Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
7"STRASBOURG - The Beautiful Capital of Alsace"  20  32Ujamaflip  Karlsruhe
8"Strasbourg - My first venture to France"  15  29ATXtraveler  Allen
9"The Best of Both Worlds"  35  89antistar   Frankfurt am Main
10"The Leading City of Northeast France"  22  106hquittner  New Orleans
11"Strasbourg"  13  37german_eagle  Dresden
12"Strasbourg - French city with German influences"  17  17codrutz  Bucharest
13"Moscow - Strasbourg"  11  43Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
14"Strasbourg"  12  13Redang  Madrid
15"Strasbourg - Storks, Gardens, Petite France"  9  35Beausoleil  Sacramento
16"Strasbourg - A cross between France and Germany"  11  12Callavetta  San Francisco
17"Strasbourg - city of the European Parliament"  11  20chancay  Hannover
18"A piece of Germany in France..."  13  22Maillekeukeul  Paris
19"My old and beautiful city"  10koalatte  Krakow
20"Town of cross roads"  7  10traveloturc  Istanbul
21"Strasbourg: The Heart of Alsace"  7  27Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
22"Strasbourg"  6  11Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
23"Wonderful"  13  12knerten  Molde
24"Strasbourg, cross-roads of Europe"  6  7rwlittle  Panyu
25"Zlur's Strasbourg Page"  10  10Zlur  Malta
26"Pierre_Rouss's Strasbourg and Alsace Page"  6  4Pierre_Rouss  Montreal
27"Great town for walking around"  4  13TomInGermany  Darmstadt
28"Strasbourg - A Day-Trip to France"  3  12JetlagCity  Seattle
29"Strasbourg near the German border"  8  24Kate-Me  Ballarat
30"Christmastime in Strasbourg"  3  21Kathrin_E  Karlsruhe
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