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1"Mabuhay, Welcome to Manila!"  96  175joysweet   Manila
2"Manila, love or hate"  170  391davidjo   Puerto Princesa
3"Capital of the Philippines"  70  178limledi   Cebu Island
4"Aliwan Fiesta 2011: Ilonggo's Pride and Victory"  32  73shintarojon   Manila
5"Love It Or Leave It..."  67  54syllybabe   Happy Corner
6"Capital City of the Philippines"  42  50D._Pepper  Manila
7"IMPREXXION: MANILA"  23  25xuessium  Shanghai
8"What can you say about a town like Manila?"  19  41GenuinelyCurious  Oakland
9"The Charm of Manila and its Neighboring Cities"  25  17KookieDough  Manila
10"An interesting introduction."  21  80planxty   London
11"Getting to know Manila"  18  20ahoerner  Curitiba
12"The City of Manila, our CAPITAL!"  12  62nixca316  Paranaque
13"Jumping Around the City Where I Grew Up"  13  22jumpingnorman  Phoenix
14"My Beloved Birth Place"  20  46nimato  Philippines
15"Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila"  15  62mikoykoy  Paranaque
16"Manila"  26  26wreckloose  Vancouver
17"My Manila"  11  14Tijavi  Middle East
18"Manila: Eternally Happy Despite Itself"  14  27AKtravelers  Honolulu
19"Manila"  18  39namiewa  Vancouver
20" WOW ... MANILA "  12  14allelli  San Juan
21"First Trip to Philippines"  21  29broxx  Fort Lauderdale
22"Manila! Manila!"  21  46asianbelle  Manila
23"Land of the Rising Sun"  12  11Minnieg  San Francisco
24"Mixture of past,present and the future"  13  54Dyesebel  World
25"Manila"  11  30monina_c  Sariaya
26"The BEST CLASS in the world c",)"  10  24littlegirl0130  Manila
27"Welcome to Manila."  8  25cachaseiro  Denmark
28"Manila... my hometown!"  34  34mlt_t  Manila
29"Welcome to Manila!"  9  45bike_packer  Philippines
30"Manila"  11  41lahoree  Lahore
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