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1"Puerto Galera - Port of Galleons"  22  31Restless-in-kl   Kuala Lumpur
2"Puerto Galera and its beautiful sites"  18  19ahoerner   Curitiba
3"P.G."  13  44muddybok   Malaysia
4"Puerto Galera"  11  14kenmerk   Taiwan
5"Puerto Galera"  11  28StefanosS   City of Manila
6"WHITE BEACH, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental"  8  8travelpitstops  City of Manila
7"Paradise Galera"  7  12catchan  Manila
8"Puerto Galera"  6  38lahoree  Lahore
9"BEAUTIFUL PUERTO GALERA"  5  8Graecia  Manila
10"dive, Dive, DIVE !"  5  9GenuinelyCurious  Oakland
11"Puerto Galera - Through the Years"  5  7moonlighting  Manila
12"PUERTO GALERA"  6  11DarleneCMF  Makati
13"Puerto Galera"  7  39kemisteryoso  Winnipeg
14"White Beach, Puerto Galera"  6  13joei  Los Angeles
15"Sa Galera tayo"  5  6zippee  Lopez
16"Sunset at Puerto Galera"  21  25lemon4juice  California
17"Puerto Galera"  3  3shintarojon  Manila
18"The Port of Galleons"  10  23CEP1863   Birmingham
19"Puerto Galera"  3  6Jeannkelly  Rome
20"Puerto Galera"  3  7orangebliss  City of Manila
21"[NO TITLE]"  3Pepito_Mambo  Hong Kong
22"White Beach, Puerto Galera"  3  3thomyorke  Manila
23"Sweet Escape"  5  12mistletoe63  Pasay City
24"My Very Own Portugal.....Portugalera"  4  3karengkeng  City of Manila
25"[NO TITLE]"  8  4rm_blizzard  Vancouver
26"[NO TITLE]"  5  2edwinic  Quezon City
27"Entry Port to Puerto Galera: Sabang Beach"  3  3yellowbell  Denver
28"Coco Beach-Gallera"  2  4cherish  City of Manila
29"White Beach, Puero Galera"  3  4firealessandra  Dumaguete City
30"Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines"  9  17amphitrite30  City of Manila
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