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1"vigan if i can ..."  28  36ukirsari   London
2"Vigan - that "Spanish" feel.."  32  113myspices   Malaysia
3" Nostalgia at VIGAN"  16  58NeverBeenThere   Manila
4"Back to the 16th century Ilocos"  25  44Yla   Province of Pampanga
5"Vigan"  11  22limledi   Cebu Island
6"The oldest city north of the Philippines"  31  99joiwatani  Seattle
7"The Heritage City of Vigan"  9  13allelli  San Juan
8"Experience Time Warp in Vigan"  18  59cyndymc  Province of Laguna
9"Heritage Town"  7  6asianbelle  Manila
10"Vigan: A Living Museum"  8  7yellowbell  Denver
11"[NO TITLE]"  11  8yuet29  Penang
12"Back In Time <<<<<<<<"  7  17bike_packer  Philippines
13"VIGAN... a unique CITY of the PHILIPPINES"  28  33janbonivic  Puerto Princesa City
14"[NO TITLE]"  14  47yynnaa  Philippines
15"A dream come true for me"  8  9screamcheese  Philippines
16"VIgan's Heritage hoUses.."  5  23missmarianne  Philippines
17"How to get to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur"  12  21danyelspips  Vigan
18"V ! G @ N"  6  33winzkie_d_pooh  City of Manila
19"Vigan - Travel back in Time with Style"  8  11Robyn_mikkel  Toronto
20"[NO TITLE]"  7  6shawicortez  Vigan
21"[NO TITLE]"  5  4chizstyx78  Bacoor
22"It all began in Vigan"  5  16gypsysoul73  Manila
23"Vigan, a journey back in time"  9  31brownkoala  Quezon City
24"Heritage City"  3  16zoe_girl18  Manila
25"♥Home Sweet Home♥"  3  16trinadameg  Manila
26"Vigan"  11  29kenstan  Las Vegas
27"VIGAN BRINGS YOU BACK IN TIME"  8  32pres_16  City of Manila
28"Vigan"  4  18magic_jersey  Dubai
29"Formed, exceptionally well preserved Spanish town"  21  95shavy  Ieper
30""WORLD HERITAGE PLACE""  3  7jhoy_paolo  City of Manila
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