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1"Putting the "corn" back in Cornwall"  67  167iandsmith   Moonee Beach
2"Pixies, cream teas and a beautiful blue sea"  43  123TheWanderingCamel   State of Western Australia
3"Cornwall"  32  56munki   Madrid
4"The End of England"  21  27Bwana_Brown   Fredericton
5"Cornwall - picturesque and friendly"  19  38evaanna   Poland
6"Just Beautiful!"  27  30freya_heaven  Devon
7"Kernow Istorek (Historic Cornwall)"  36  42Ash59  Basildon
8"Cornwall updated page summer 2013"  25  100GrantBoone  Greater London
9"A Local Girl's View of Cornwall"  23  13sunshinejo  Newquay
10"Cornwall - the southwest of England"  16  29himalia11  Schupbach
11"Welcome to Miss QT's Cornwall Travel Page"  13  29MISSQT  London
12"Not just Cornish pasties"  10  37rexvaughan  Decatur
13"Long Weekend to Cornwall"  34  37rachel_sun  England
14"Cornwall"  10  12eddilowe  Birmingham
15"Cornwall"  15  18paradisedreamer  Cape Town
16"Kernow (Cornwall)"  12  52Geoff_Wright  Altarnun
17"Where England Ends"  27  51King_Golo  Tuttlingen
18"Cornwall"  9  13grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
19"Kernow a'gas dynnergh - Welcome to Cornwall"  5  12illumina  Worcester
20"CORNWALL"  4  35ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
21"My home for the time being"  6  26angelis  Exeter
22"Cornwall"  9  8africaking  Bastrop
23"Cornwall ~ land of the pasty and serpentine"  6  35Jenniflower  Greater London
24"Quintessential England"  3  17littlebush  Auckland
25"The south west coast"  4  5ettenaj  Bolton
26"Cornwall"  6  23elmasri  Brighton
27"Cornwall"  4  21Drever  Ayr
28"Kernow - land of rainbows"  7  8Sjalen  Sweden
29"Sea, hills and pasties"  4  7anni8  Stockholm
30"Cornwall"  2  9kevanrijn  Parkersburg
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