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1"Grandeur Beyound Words"  47  57bpacker   Hong Kong
2"ON THE STEPS OF MARIE-ANTOINETTE."  35  50breughel   Belgium
3"Versailles"  30  31sim1   Sweden
4"Moscow - Versailles"  25  123Kuznetsov_Sergey    Moscow
5"When Kings lived in Versailles"  29  108Luchonda   Gent
6"I can see why they chopped off their heads!"  19  46Dabs  Chicago
7"The Chateau de Versailles"  20  23Goner  Portsmouth
8"L' IMMENSA"  27  25piccolina  Como
9"A Town with a Palace or Visa Versa"  45  207hquittner  New Orleans
10"Versailles"  39  43mvtouring  South Africa
11"The Grand Estate of Versailles"  32  62Jerelis  Hoogeveen
12"The Royal Opera in Versailles"  17  57Nemorino  Frankfurt am Main
13"The royal city of France"  91  385gwened  Pluvigner
14"WHAT A GREAT PLACE"  11  33truus_s  Eibergen
15"What a place!"  7  11shdw100  Kansas City
16"Let Them Eat Cake!"  6  12lohki  Toronto
17"Le Palais de Versailles - PAGE UNDER COSTRUCTION"  8  29desert_princess  Innsbruck
18"Under the snow of Versailles"  13  14lina112  Málaga
19"Versailles - Under the reign of King Louis XIII"  9  29juliewong  Malaysia
20"The Versaille Gardens"  5  12nhcram  Dover
21"Versailles, town of the Sun King"  5  6Pieter11  Roosendaal
22"Versailles - a romantic fairytale Palace!"  4  5tremendopunto  Bonn
23"Home of THE PALACE, Of Course"  11  49TexasDave  Atlanta
24"Versailles"  5  32Aaron7  South Phoenix
25"Palace of Versailles - You Have to Experience It!"  3  11riorich55  Naperville
26"Versaille"  3  18Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
27"A GUIDED WALKING TOUR OF THE CITY"  2  26ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
28"The Grandeur of Versailles"  7  30cjg1  New York City
29"Versailles"  13  16ealgisi  Lugano
30"Versailles: Divine Decadence"  2  7Herkbert  Williamsville
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