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1"Bhaktapur:City of Culture and living heritage"  18  72vinod-bhojak   State of Rajasthan
2"Bhaktapur, Nepal's Best City"  7  17SumTingWong   Vancouver
3"Bhaktapur is "the city of Devotees"."  19  98goutammitra   Kolkata (Calcutta)
4"The third city of the Valley"  6  5schlumpf   Milan
5"BHAKTAPUR - BAGDAON - KHWOPA"  4  5pink63   Asti
6"Where the movie "Little Buddha" was made"  3  5Folbi  Basel
7"bhaktapur"  14  25call_me_rhia  Europe
8"Bhaktapur"  1  6tompt  Noordeinde
9"Bhaktapur."  24  25Alphons  Nijmegen
10" Bhaktapur, The City of Devotees "  11  14illa  Vancouver
11"Bhaktapur"  1  8lotharscheer  Vienna
12"10 USD to enter the place!"  5  7Vija_v  Salaspils
13"A quick peek to a masterpiece"  1  10ozalp  Istanbul