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1"Langkawi - Historic Mythical Island"  53  200Azri_Azmi   Melaka
2"Langkawi"  45  47Imbi   London
3"Langkawi"  51  52phil_uk_net   Brentwood
4"LANGKAWI .WHERE THE HEART IS"  35  75Tattugran   Laidley
5"Pulau Langkawi"  32  33wufei   Kuantan
6"Where heaven and earth meets"  28  39bpacker  Hong Kong
7"Langkawi"  28  43kyoub  Fort Worth
8"langkawi.. island of legends.."  25  27eelaine  Kuala Lumpur
9"Pulau Langkawi"  26  24catkin  Lake District National Park
10"Langkawi"  23  27Arfah  Kuala Lumpur
11"A Paradise of Love"  29  38backpackerbaby  State of Queensland
12"An island blessed with nature"  21  32muratkorman  Montrose
13"The Legend ISland"  25  34kenari  Kuala Lumpur
14"Langkawi - 99 Islands of Princess Mashuri Legend"  17  19SLLiew  Penang
15"A place to relax"  15  33Blondiina  Nurmo
16"Langkawi"  13  33mary2u99  Kuala Lumpur
17"The Eagle Isle..."  16  34chiabh  Kuala Lumpur
18"Langkawi"  17  26Blanula  Kromeriz
19"Tropical Beach Paradise"  17  16bkarjee  Singapore
20"Pulau Langkawi - Beach and Nature Lovers Paradise"  18  148aussirose  Perth
21"Pulau Langkawi (Langkawi Island)"  15  73cal6060   Kuala Lumpur
22"Fantastic langkawi"  13  13percyhall  Kuala Lumpur
23"The Legend Island"  21  51hash09  Kuala Lumpur
24"Travel Notes from Langkawi"  13  60gdilieto  Singapore
25"Langkawi Pulau"  15  33CaiBingyu  Singapore
26"LANGKAWI"  8  20tere1  Paço de Arcos
27"legends are made of words, not of sights"  26  77call_me_rhia  Europe
28"LANGKAWI ISLAND ( the island of secrets)"  9  29balhannah  Brisbane
29"Langkawi with Love"  9  20utchie  City of Manila
30"99 Magical Islands Under the Sun"  27  63yipsufen  Kuala Lumpur
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