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1"Cameron Highlands-a place to relax in cool comfort"  29  73Wild_Orchid   Malaysia
2"Cameron Highlands"  31  73wufei   Kuantan
3"Cameron Highlands...The Cool Point!"  15  41imran8852   Singapore
4"Cameron Highlands - Cool, serene and peaceful."  20  113AngMimi   Bukit Mertajam
5"Colonial style highland gateaway"  14  16mansionion   Pulau Labuan
6"Cameron Highlands"  19  20muddybok  Malaysia
7"Cameron Highlands"  19  43y_lyn  Singapore
8"HIgh in the Mountain"  22  32kielorla  Singapore
9"The Cool Farms"  17  88gnh  Ayer Tawar
10"Cameron Highlands"  13  52DaHongHua  Malaysia
11"Scotland the brave"  10  11sourbugger  County Galway
12"Strawberries, Flowers, Vege, Cactus & Tea"  23  61yipsufen  Kuala Lumpur
13"For a Whiff of the Cool Breeze"  17  28Mozumbus  Karachi
14"Cameron Highlands - Malaysia's cool retreat"  6  13Ines28  Bocholt
15"Cameron Highlands"  7  9bpacker  Hong Kong
16"Fresh Cool Mountainous breeze in Cameron Highlands"  17  Singapore
17" serene cameron highlands.."  10  10eelaine  Kuala Lumpur
18"Cameron Highlands - Cool Place in Malaysia"  24  23victorwkf  Serangoon
19"Cameron Highlands"  8  39cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
20"Cameron Highlands is absolutely breathtaking!"  5  13sahlenare  Stockholm
21"CAMERON HIGHLANDS"  11  10daryll  London
22"Cameron Highlands"  19  82hassan_abu  Bedok New Town
23"Cameron Highlands"  8  14yuet29  Penang
24"Cameron Highlands 2004"  5  6anoum  Butterworth
25"Green, Cool and Peaceful"  4  5city_guy  Kuala Lumpur
26"Cameron Highlands"  5  2Merrie  Utrecht
27"Cameron Highland"  8  22K2NG  Singapore
28"Cameron Highlands"  5  19Swwaattcchh  London
29"Cameron Highlands"  6  25Designerartgirl  Utrecht
30"[NO TITLE]"  3  16illusion_huanr  Kuala Lumpur
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