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1"I LIVE IN THIS AREA...CALLED BANDAR UTAMA"  156  161coceng   Kampong Masjid Tanah
2"Sunway Lagoon Theme Park"  17  34Wild_Orchid   Malaysia
3"Petaling Jaya - My home"  17  18city_guy   Kuala Lumpur
4"[NO TITLE]"  7  11airasia   Malaysia
5"Not Far From Kuala Lumpur"  6  5Audrey118   Kuala Lumpur
6"HoMe SwEeT hoMe"  5  2janettepang  Scotland
7"PJ."  8  12mansionion  Pulau Labuan
8"The Authentic Petaling Jaya"  9  7Bix10  Shah Alam
9"IMPREXXION: KUALA LUMPUR (PETALING JAYA)"  7  23xuessium  Shanghai
10"PJ on Two Wheels.."  2  5st_hannes  Petaling Jaya
11"Satalite Petaling jaya"  39  42o00o  Tokyo
12"[NO TITLE]"  1  3BurgerQueen  Monza
13"Just Outside KL, the Inside to Fun in Malaysia"  2  3ATXtraveler  Allen
14"Chan Revisits PJ for the 2nd Time"  2  2Chan_Travel  Singapore
15"Affluent Suburb of KL & Gateway to Sunway Complex"  50  253machomikemd  San Francisco
16"So Is This Kuala Lumpur?"  4  5Aidy_p  Singapore