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1"Georgetown / Penang"  31  167globetrott   Vienna
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3"New UNESCO WHS : George Town (Tanjung)"  15  32SLLiew   Penang
4"My little home in Malaysia."  12  22cachaseiro   Denmark
5"George Town, Penang"  40  48phil_uk_net   Brentwood
6"Chinese influence is eatable"  10  33AnnaHermans  's-Hertogenbosch
7"Home Sweet Home - George Town, Penang"  14  18andrewyong  London
8"The World Heritage Penang capital, Georgetown."  21  53Askla  Sweden
9"Another World Heritage Site"  4  13Paulm1987  Pretoria
10"George town"  1  7maffustan  England
11"The Gift of Rain"  31  51antistar  Frankfurt am Main
12"Georgetown for a short respite"  3  8Waxbag  United States of America
13"Chinese-Colonial town"  3  2Perucha  Jakarta
14"[NO TITLE]"  1  1Dxenion  Rockingham
15"Penang!"  1DunaKal  Jiddah
16"My kinda town!"  8  8deeper_blue  Manchester
17"[NO TITLE]"  1  1kimmo_v  Helsinki