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1"Ipoh-of Pomelos, Limestone Caves & Cantonese Food"  21  49Wild_Orchid   Malaysia
2"The City That Tin Built"  31  80gnh   Ayer Tawar
3"Ipoh - Capital of Perak"  16  20SLLiew   Penang
4"Welcome to Ipoh"  25  59chiabh   Kuala Lumpur
5"Ipoh city"  16  48airasia   Malaysia
6"A Nostalgic Town"  28  23yipsufen  Kuala Lumpur
7"Ipoh - Ngah Choy Kye"  18  37l_joo  Kuala Lumpur
8"A city full of histories..."  4  7lukluk_wal_marjan  Baling
9"Visiting Ipoh"  27  89IreneMcKay   Hong Kong
10"The City of Millionaires"  4  9Chuckaziz  Kuala Lumpur
11"Welcome to IPOH, Perak's Capital City"  7  22meiyergani  Bogor
12"This is Ipoh Malaysia"  5  28shannsow  Penang
13"Ipoh - State capital of Perak"  20  62Willettsworld  United Kingdom
14"Land of Limstones Caves and Architectures"  9  24Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
15"Heaven for Food Snacks...!!!!"  4  10yeikloen  Kajang
16"LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN"  1  4fallendevil  Malaysia
17"IPOH - City of Millionaires"  1  4black_mimi99  France
18"Ipoh mali..."  9  14Czens  Malaysia
19"Ipoh To Me"  3  3mdakhirs  Kuala Lumpur
20"[NO TITLE]"  1  5ratnamanokaran  Ipoh
21"[NO TITLE]"  1  2zulkarnan  World
22"Ipoh, next to the Kledang hill"  5  19AnnaHermans  's-Hertogenbosch
23"Ipoh, the capital of Perak State"  12  41DaHongHua  Malaysia
24"My hometown..."  1  8sheherezad  Kuala Lumpur
25"ipoh.. the city of many caves.."  2  2eelaine  Kuala Lumpur
26"Ipoh"  1  4RachelLeung  Ipoh
27"[NO TITLE]"  1mingaun  World
28"A Quiet Little Town"  2suzaila  Petaling Jaya
29"[NO TITLE]"  1shzuwei  Greater London
30"[NO TITLE]"  1  1MUNHOO  Kuala Lumpur
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