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1"back to Vieng Chan"  60  67picek   Slovenia
2"Vientiane: Titch vs. the Mozzies"  30  31richiecdisc   Munich
3"Vientiane.."  32  27yuet29   Penang
4"Vientiane, capital of tranquility"  25  28SirRichard   Madrid
5"Vientaine - Capital City of Laos"  24  102Mikebb   Perth
6"Bank Training Project - Bank of Lao PDR"  25  24TheSentinel  Compton
7"Vientiane - the capital city of Laos"  18  40LotusV8  Klippan
8"No need to rush away..."  15  28Hewer  Osaka
9"Vientiane"  15  18muddybok  Malaysia
10"Vientiane"  18  20Rodan44  Raleigh
11"Vientiane (Vianchan)"  12  12SumTingWong  Vancouver
12"Vientiane"  15  16trisanna  Singapore
13"[NO TITLE]"  17  45sanukseeker  Singapore
14"Vientiane, PDR Lao."  11  49pfsmalo  La Gouesnière
15"Vientiane - Charming"  12  28thedouglas  World
16"Vientiane is charming"  6  16aemilys  Paris
17"An easily overlooked Jewel."  20  49VolsUT  Knoxville
18"Vientiane, actually... in case u were wondering"  10  33call_me_rhia  Europe
19"French Asia, Lao charm"  8  7mke1963  London
20"Vientiane - French charm in a sleepy Asian country"  16  19petwouters  Wollongong
21"You can certainly feel the French influence here"  22  72stevemt   Brisbane
22"[NO TITLE]"  17  23davidjo   Puerto Princesa
23"The laid back capital of Laos."  4  8cachaseiro  Denmark
24"Vientiane - new and old world meets"  10  14teevee  World
25"The most laid back Capital City in the world!"  4  7mad4travel  London
26"My Vientiane story"  7  10mvdwater  Amersfoort
27"Lovely Lovely Lao"  7  3pawness  Kanagawa-ken
28"Vientiane:once a pearl of Indo-China"  6  7Anne-Lieze  Brussels
29"The Quietest Capital"  4  4DSwede  Corpus Christi
30"Around the Village of Vientiane"  11  10JRiel  Lanai City
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