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1"City of Famous landmarks"  48  169BruceDunning   Huntsville
2"Wonderful Bamberg"  42  194Cristian_Uluru   Italy
3"Medieval Bamberg"  20  169Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
4"Beloved Bamberg !"  27  28MichaelFalk1969   Frankfurt am Main
5"Bamberg - every cloud has a silver lining"  25  74iandsmith   Moonee Beach
6"The best of Bamberg...."  18  52Maryimelda  Brisbane
7"Bamberg - an UNESCO world heritage site"  17  17german_eagle  Dresden
8"The Seven Hills of Bamberg"  15  16antistar  Frankfurt am Main
9"HISTORICAL BAMBERG"  22  68balhannah   Brisbane
10"Breathtaking Bamberg"  18  21Travelchili  Europe
11"Franconian Rome"  9  18magor65  Wroclaw
12"BEAUTIFUL BAMBERG"  9  61LoriPori  Windsor
13"Bamberg: Germany's Smoky Gem"  22  23richiecdisc  Munich
14"Lovely place.....awful day!"  9  34leics  Leicester
15"Bamberg"  6  7shellybelly567  Kingston
16"Bamberg"  7  16truus_s  Eibergen
17"Bamberg.... A temporal twist...."  5  28balfor   Atlanta
18"SO much to do and see when you know"  14  62lonestar_philomath  Alexandria
19"Beer Heaven"  24  25bonio  Rowell
20"Beer Capitol"  8  24seoulgirl  Stuttgart
21"Bamberg"  7  10Redang  Madrid
22"Worthy of its World Heritage Designation"  6  7zrim  Northfield
23"The German Rome"  6  29Elena77  Koblenz
24"Bamberg"  6  7Nina-Maarit  Helsinki
25"A spanish girl in Bamberg"  4  8diageva  Kanton Aargau
26"BAMBERG- THE MINI VENICE"  2  10kmohandas  Bangalore
27"My Bamberg:as I see it:-))"  2  10Tania1980  Fulda
28"Bamberg - City of smoky beers and sleepy streets"  11  12sabsi  Düsseldorf
29"One of the most outstanding cities in the world"  2  2baronedivandastad  Kuwait
30"[NO TITLE]"  4estargrl88  World
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