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1"The little sister of Bali ?"  24  40cadzand   Belgium
2"The Gili Islands - Lombok"  21  63pure1942   Dungarvan
3"IMPREXXION: LOMBOK"  21  18xuessium   Shanghai
4"Lombok"  24  34paradisedreamer   Cape Town
5"From Bali, through Lombok to Gili La La Land"  35  83balisunshine   Bali
6"Paradise has found"  14  30zafilm  Singapore
7"Step into Lombok, island in the sun."  16  35batgirl1001  Auckland
8"Lombok - Hidden treasure"  15  18black_mimi99  France
9"Lombok - another heaven next to Bali"  8  17harish_mikael  Malaysia
10"First trip to Lombok"  12  38theo1006  Salatiga
11"Lombok and Gili islands"  7  2freshia  Jakarta
12"A Natural Beauty not far from Java & Bali"  5  4traveldream  Jakarta
13"Lombok and the Gili Islands"  17  80cokes   Johannesburg
14"LOMBOK"  4  35jose_a_juan  Ibiza
15"Lombok & The Gili's"  5  3vicka  Tangerang
16"Nice place, shame about the hawkers"  11  8Loops  Cambridge
17"LoMbOk InDoNeSiA"  5  6DidiBeachBum  Special Capital Region of Jakarta
18"[NO TITLE]"  3  9vayastra  Special Capital Region of Jakarta
19"LOMBOK easternIsland BehindBALI"  3  15meiyergani  Bogor
20"Lombok it's as beautiful as bali!"  11  28teollo  Monza
21"the perfect heaven"  11  12as_and_re_and_sil  Bali
22"Lombok, my favorite"  4  7bahaiano  Lucerne
23"Lombok - Incredible Beach and Cliff"  8  11BeeTea  Jakarta
24"tranquility"  3  2burnt  Singapore
25"[NO TITLE]"  1  5Mimpi  Lombok
26"Lombok Island - Quieter than Bali"  3  2DSwede  Charleston
27"[NO TITLE]"  3northernbaldy  Singapore
28"[NO TITLE]"  1fjodolf1  Hinna
29"[NO TITLE]"  5  12deblee59  Mandurah
30"Lombok Island."  8  25euzkadi  Guatemala
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