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1"Scenic mountains & also some sort of history"  36  150globetrott   Vienna
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3"Bavarian Beauty"  28  31sandysmith   West Kirby
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5"Side Trip to Bavaria"  12  40scottishvisitor   Aberdeen
6"berchtesgaden"  13  15doug48  Orlando
7"Perfect location - Schonau and the lake Konigsee"  15  24codrutz  Bucharest
8"Into the Mountains"  20  60Peterodl  Maplewood
9"PICTURESQUE BERCHTESGADEN"  11  36balhannah   Brisbane
10"The Splendor of the German Alps"  13  13NC_Ziggy  Hickory
11"Perfection of nature"  7  8Inguuna  Riga
12"A must-see place when you are in Bavaria"  7  10Manara  Parma
13"Beautiful Beautiful Berchtesgaden"  12  33neilward  Bridgend
14"Wunderbar Berchtesgaden"  3  15klasher  San Marcos
15"ON TOP OF THE WORLD"  11  12Duffelgirl  Bristol
16"bavarian fairytale town"  1  2domenicococozza  London
17"Sun and Snow on the same day!"  1  9nhcram  Dover
18"Berchtesgaden"  9  15Skanska  Copenhagen
19"Where Eagles Dare"  2  3reenby  Glasgow
20"Berchtesgaden"  1  6grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
21"Berchtesgaden"  1  10myriam_c  Kalmthout
22"[NO TITLE]"  2  2ThereGoesMyLife  World
23"A Bavarian Masterpiece"  4  5adambeau  Boston
24"Eagles Nest"  3wodensson  Chelmsford
25"Little Bavarian Town"  1  4Timboli  Adelaide
26"Konigsee lake"  2  11terps94  Dixon
27"[NO TITLE]"  1  2ilyathemuromets  Brooklyn