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1"Berlin"  243  1113alancollins   Banbury
2"More than the capital of Germany"  318  361matcrazy1   Tychy
3"Berlin, Berlin - wir fahren nach Berlin!"  124  201Kakapo2   Christchurch
4"Berlin in my way"  118  422croisbeauty    Zagreb
5"Wunderbar Berlin"  116  111nigelw6443   Berlin
6"Berlin - the whole world in one town"  82  71Karin1S  Berlin
7"Berlin .... und das ist gut so!"  57  87diocletianvs  Zagreb
8"Bear your soul in Berlin!"  71  86yooperprof  Marquette
9"Looking to the future?"  52  155toonsarah  Ealing
10"A Public Transport System With Beer Dispensers!"  75  266johngayton  Lundy Island
11"Berlin has everything - safe money"  57  55Turtleshell  Germany
12"Berlin - dose of modern history"  59  131Raimix  Vilnius
13"Berlin Berlin Dein Herz kennt keine Mauern"  114  207sabsi  Düsseldorf
14"Berlin - The most interesting city in Germany"  58  64MichaelFalk1969  Frankfurt am Main
15"Our capital city"  47  57Gerrem  Germany
16"Bitte bringen Sie mich Berlin"  77  158smirnofforiginal  Hertfordshire
17"Berlin"  75  74barryg23  Ealing
18"Operas and cycling in Berlin"  47  114Nemorino  Frankfurt am Main
19"Berlin"  36  161sue_stone  Sydney
20"A Tale of Two Cities"  42  159nicolaitan  Long Island
21"I love Berlin!"  77  63miromi  San Francisco
22"Berlin 2008"  38  121iblatt  Ra`ananna
23"B E R L I N . . . Welcome to Hell !"  59  69Dimi1  Berlin
24"Berlin"  42  107Maria250  Germany
25"Berlin Revisited"  31  78Mariajoy  East Sussex
26"Explore and discover the variety of Berlin"  33  130Luchonda  Gent
27"Berlin: The City of My Dreams"  45  81JourneyOf1  Berlin
28"Berlin"  32  94MD2nd  Germany
29"What's To Love About Berlin (Or Hate)"  66  96grishaV1  Germany
30"BERLIN - A SURPRISE"  33  33hojasdehierba  Mérida
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