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1"Ubud - Center of Arts"  37  81SFHulaGIrl   California
2"heart of art and culture in bali ...."  23  27ukirsari   London
3"Soothing the spirit"  20  27Tijavi   Middle East
4"Ubud - felt like stepping to an ancient city"  31  31Arfah   Kuala Lumpur
5"Ubud"  16  20kyoub   Fort Worth
6"Ubud - so much to offer"  29  102myspices  Malaysia
7"My Ubud"  18  88arni_ph075  Singapore
8"Rice Fields and Beauty in Ubud"  22  44balisunshine  Bali
9"Ubud - Bali's cultural center"  10  17tere1  Paço de Arcos
10"UBUD"  14  39aussiejen  Melbourne
11"The Village of Art , Culture and Craft"  10  9kenyneo  Kuala Lumpur
12"[NO TITLE]"  10  16Goldenboy  Special Capital Region of Jakarta
13"Ubud - Never Ending Culture"  15  17black_mimi99  France
14"Ubud Is My Home"  12  24Ubudian  Bali
15"ubud, bali"  11  20aalayaa  Jakarta
16"Ubud - cultural center of Bali"  6  6tommix  Geneva
17"[NO TITLE]"  4  3Icewine  Hong Kong
18"UBUD BALI"  4  19Onedragon  Honolulu
19"Ubud - the cultural center of Bali"  14  29Restless-in-kl  Kuala Lumpur
20"Inland in Bali"  7  23Piggy73  Beverley
21"Cultural city of Bali."  6  21euzkadi  Guatemala
22"A great place to unwind.Rural ,Cultural & Relaxing"  5  19austarman  Wollongong
23"Ubud Page"  9  25egonwegh  Nijmegen
24"Ubud"  5  6gugi66  Stockholm
25"Ubud, the heart of Bali"  4  53theo1006  Salatiga
26"Ubud - a very busy town"  3  4LotusV8  Klippan
27"My Favourite Place in Bali"  9  5freshia  Jakarta
28"Ubud in Bali"  8  25RoseAmano  Kawasaki
29"Ubud"  5  5Chierong  Taiwan
30"The Art Town"  4  2touraco  Singapore
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