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1"Angkor Wat"  51  54o00o   Tokyo
2"Angkor Wat Rediscovered"  42  50bpacker   Hong Kong
3"Angkor"  35  62Jmill42   Austin
4"Angkor What?"  37  55dfactor   Oslo
5"Facing to the west and stairway to heaven"  40  42ukirsari   London
6"Angkor Wat: Our Own Personal Tuk Tuk"  30  56richiecdisc  Munich
7"Angkor Wat"  45  135leffe3  Melbourne
8"Angkor - Second Reappearance"  31  31SLLiew  Penang
9"Temples in the jungle"  34  37SirRichard  Madrid
10"Are We Really At Angkor Wat?"  28  69thedouglas  Brisbane Range
11"High Point in Khmer Classical Culture"  30  107atufft  Stockton
12"Siem Reap and Angkor Wat"  40  135Ewingjr98   Tachikawa
13"Angkor Wat in Three Different Lights"  51  197runwitme  Kuala Lumpur
14"Temples Galore!"  28  142Etoile2B  Venice
15"Angkor - Biggest Temple in the World"  42  71iwys  Salalah
16"The amazing ruins of Angkor..."  23  21jrs1234  Cambridgeshire
17"Angkor Wat"  30  35muddybok  Malaysia
18"Temples of a Lost Civilization"  20  55King_Golo  Tuttlingen
19"Angkor Adventures"  19  81schurman23  City of Manila
20"One of the Seven Wonders"  36  50pmarshuk  Yiewsley
21"Impressive Temples from Khmer"  17  73muratkorman  Istanbul
22"Angkor Wat"  27  48herzog63  Kodiak
23"Angkor Wat - A UNESCO World Heritage Site"  13  22Pakistaniguy  London
24"Splendour Of Angkor"  13  29kidfree  Leicester
25"IMPREXXION: SIEM REAP-ANGKOR"  10  11xuessium  Shanghai
26"Angkor Wat and Cambodia"  14  16bluedeep  New York City
27"Angkor - seven man-made Wonders of the World"  86  102sunnywong  Burnaby
28"Unbelivable"  13  58stevemt  Brisbane
29"The Temples of Angkor"  60  284Willettsworld  United Kingdom
30"Only one day -- but what a day!!!"  12  13shrimp56  Chicago
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