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1"Pardon Phnom Penh"  26  34richiecdisc   Munich
2"Phnom Penh Cambodia"  76  291Cathy&Gary   Adelaide
3"A City of Contrasts"  31  65shrimp56   Chicago
4"Phnom Penh"  24  63Tina-Perth   Perth
5"Kingdom of Cambodia's Capitol City"  22  57Etoile2B   Venice
6"A stop on the way"  21  24SirRichard  Madrid
7"Once the Pearl of Asia"  26  120AlbuqRay  Albuquerque
8"Captial of Cambodia"  36  203Willettsworld  United Kingdom
9"Welcome to Capital City of Cambodia"  35  236cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
10"Phnom Penh 3/4/08 - 6/4/08"  16  37balhannah  Brisbane
11"Peaceful Phnom Penh"  25  33Pakistaniguy  London
12"PHNOM PENH , a charming city."  34  114Tedsocoa  Biarritz
13" Phnom Penh, Cambodia "  22  17DrewV  Downers Grove
14"Welcome to my Phnom Penh VT page!"  17  72kelnsha  Singapore
15"Despite the history a wonderful place to see"  30  28pmarshuk  Yiewsley
16"Keeweechic's Phnom Penh"  51  62keeweechic  World
17"Dusty city with some interesting sights."  14  31cachaseiro  Denmark
18"Historic and Resilient Phnom Penh"  16  31easterntrekker  Halifax
19"A nice colonial town"  11  14xaver  Porto Recanati
20"The Capital With a History and a New Future"  13  27thedouglas  Brisbane Range
21"Primer contacto con...First contact with Cambodia"  11  43elpariente  Santander
22"Interesting City"  21  75stevemt  Brisbane
23"It's changed in some ways."  12  30planxty  London
24"Phnom Penh"  16  17jmmorgan  Kinver
25"Phnom Penh"  15  27iwys  Salalah
26"PHNOM PENH"  10  29ValbyDK  Copenhagen
27"Horrible History"  15  15aukjejetty  Assen
28"[NO TITLE]"  36  77davidjo  Puerto Princesa
29"Well I was humbled to visit here in 2000"  9  9Jasen71  Jersey
30"Phnom Penh - The Capital by the River"  7  9SLLiew  Penang
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