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1"The once magnificent city of Kabul"  33  139husain   Delhi
2"Kabul - a city yet to be loved"  20  2Penelope4   Vienna
3"Afghanistan - The land that was"  19  13Nourin   Handen
4"Krazy for Kabul"  14  15Wanderboy43   Seattle
5"Kabul City, Afghanistan"  6  8DavidRose79   Perth
6"Afghanistan"  7  11frankcanfly  Baltimore
7"Land of Contrast"  2  1Anastasia73  Antwerp
8"The Exotic and Ancient Capital"  17  20hongmingd  Beijing
9"Land of the Pathans"  2Durfun  London
10"[NO TITLE]"  2  5Kabul_guy  World
11"Not my kind of town - I prefer the mountains"  3  2mi5chelle  Juba
12"Kabul City"  2ea8cma  Newcastle upon Tyne
13"[NO TITLE]"  1changaiz  Kabul
14""  3  4LennyK  Europe
15"KABUL, THE HELLSTAN"  5  6AliJoe  Malaysia