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1"KOLKATA- REVISITED."  214  1077goutammitra   Kolkata (Calcutta)
2"Calcutta(Kolkata) - The Dream City"  33  67Kumarjit   Kolkata (Calcutta)
3"Kolkata - Re-Visited"  24  64lynnehamman    Sydney
4"The city that taught me to love"  68  22Rupanworld   Kolkata (Calcutta)
5"Calcutta, city of contrasts"  23  24sachara   Emmen
6"Colonial Calcutta"  50  153Willettsworld   United Kingdom
7"Words cannot do justice"  10  16RickinDutch  Kodiak
8"The city of joy"  10  11sourbugger  County Galway
9"A City of Paradoxes"  23  43bungi333  Coimbatore
10"Holi on the Hooghly!"  22  36illumina  Worcester
11"Connecting with Kolkata"  16  20Donna_in_India  New Jersey
12"Kolkata, a city with soul and charm"  17  70georeiser  Oslo
13""Kolkata~~City of Joy!""  12  48mamtap  Kolkata (Calcutta)
14"the capital of british india"  11  34husain  Delhi
15"Kolkata (Calcutta) INDIA"  15  22redheaney  Florida
16"Approaching Calcutta"  22  27jrober37  New York City
17"Calcutta"  8  11nepalgoods  Hamburg
18"Home Sweet Home"  4  4arikde  Kolkata (Calcutta)
19"Calcutta, India"  11  20edachsund  Oxford
20"Calcutta, the City of Joy"  7  19anilpradhanshillong  Shillong
21"[NO TITLE]"  12  7global-drifter  Melbourne
22"[NO TITLE]"  1  13vtrupai  Kolkata (Calcutta)
23"[NO TITLE]"  1  4reazbd  Dhaka
24"[NO TITLE]"  1lapalang  Kolkata (Calcutta)
25"Shocking Kolkata"  14  19shintarojon  Manila
26"amar Kolkata"  1  3prasanta.g  Singapore
27"Oh Calcutta"  1  5iwys  Salalah
28"Kolkata the old city"  4Mountainbird  World
29"L_Sumita's new Calcutta Page"  9  7L_Sumita  Kolkata (Calcutta)
30"[NO TITLE]"  1  2Vinnie88  Kolkata (Calcutta)
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