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1"Religious Harmony at Ellora Caves"  7  11lynnehamman   Sydney
2"a MUST MUST MUST visit!"  6  13smirnofforiginal   Hertfordshire
3"Extreme Reverse Engineering The Ellora Caves"  10  47anilpradhanshillong   Shillong
4"Magnificient Ellora"  4  15y2ketan2007   India
5"Ellora Caves"  21  157Willettsworld   United Kingdom
6"Age old Human arts in stones"  4  36AKHTARSAYYAD  Nasik
7"Ellora Caves"  37  95MM212  London
8"Ellora Caves"  2  3kenmerk  Taiwan
9"Ellora"  1  156MalenaN  Europe
10"Incredible weekend trip"  4  1toonhut  Top of the World
11"Ellora Caves"  1  2Donna_in_India   New Jersey
12"Proof of Mankind's Spiritual Search"  1  6NedHopkins  Stockton