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6"A Place to Work"  7  19solopes  Turquel
7"Dortmund Christmasmarkerd"  4  5truus_s  Eibergen
8"Dortmund in Advent"  14  59Kathrin_E   Karlsruhe
9"Part of a 10-Day Road trip"  3  4eddilowe  Birmingham
10"What a lovely zoo...."  3  4belgianchocolate  Antwerp
11"Borussia Dortmund"  2  4Gerrem  Germany
12"football town."  2  10cachaseiro  Denmark
13"A short visit"  5  17bonio  Rowell
14"About soccer only"  1  3Maria250  Germany
15"The 7th big city in Germany"  2  10Hui-Hui  Zürich
16"My city ---> Dortmund, Germany"  3  4riquito  Dortmund
17"Chaos81's new Dortmund Page"  4Chaos81  Dortmund
18"Concerts, Beer and Football"  7  14sabsi  Düsseldorf
19"[NO TITLE]"  1oneonta_ni  Belfast