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1""The pearl of Africa""  44  174croisbeauty   Zagreb
2"Undoubtedly one of Africa's hidden gems!"  75  86CatherineReichardt   Johannesburg
3"Pearl of Africa"  30  25ajayzener   India
4"Ugandagogogoch!"  43  119muguruki   Wales
5"Uganda - The Pearl of Africa"  47  84TinyTuck   Aachen
6"BACK TO THE ROOTS"  48  85suubi  Stuttgart
7"Once it was called the pearl of Africa"  23  64kokoryko  Dushanbe
8"UGANDA, THE PEARL OF AFRICA"  28  25jordijoan  Barcelona
9"Uganda the Pearl"  33  21ericsas  Comunidad de Madrid
10"uganda - pearl of africa"  26  27hanspeter_W.  Zürich
11"CROSSING THE EQUATOR"  10  53DAO  Wakefield
12"Uganda"  7  10grets  Bristol
13"Uganda: A pearl it is !!!!!"  6  7Bonobo2005  Amsterdam
14"Mzungus In the Mist"  20  31PA68  Edinburgh
15"the Emerald in Africa's Crown"  7  40yurxlnc  Khartoum
16"uganda the pearl of africa"  11  14spoed  Italy
17"Uganda"  10  12Josilver  Sydney
18"The Jewel Of Africa"  5  15NEILHALLIDYA  King's Lynn
19"Uganda - June 2005"  14  11Biozfear  Cardiff
20"SAMALIE's new Uganda Page"  3  5SAMALIE  Uganda
21"Good to have been here."  3  1Miguelzgz  Zaragoza
22"Uganda"  2  3TexasLinda  Houston
23"falling in love with africa"  2  4JessiLee  Hawaii (State of)
24"Uganda - A colourful pearl"  6  7Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
25"[NO TITLE]"  1Maverick81  Belfast
26"Uganda - not your first choice for a holiday?....."  1kirkmeister  Brighton
27"Ngabo's new Uganda Page"  10  20Ngabo  Uganda
28"Uganda!!!"  2  9emeybee  Riverside
29"Uganda"  5eralc  Bristol
30"A short trip to Uganda - "The Pearl of Africa""  9NettiABM  Bath
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