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Balat Things to Do Tip : The Caravanserai
by Diana75
The caravanserai is located on the south-eastern part of the theatre and was built in the 15th century.

The two-storey caravanserai includes a courtyard and rooms for lodging.

The lower floor of the building was used as stables, and the upper floor to...
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Knosos Things to Do Tip : Caravanserai
by draguza
Caravanserai lies to the south of the palace and was interpreted as a reception hall and hospice. Some of the rooms are equipped with baths and decorated with wall paintings.
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Shahrisabz Things to Do Tip : The Caravanserai
This is a nice example of a XVI century caravanserai. It consists of some rooms, a warehouse and a courtyard were animals rested. Nowadays is a shopping centre with all kind of craft gifts
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Goreme Things to Do Tip : Caravanserai
On the day trip from Goreme we visited some valleys, the underground city, the location they used for Star Trek but also
this nice caravanserai.

Caravanserais were massive structures, built in the nowhere which served as resting places for the merchants...
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Goreme Things to Do Tip : Caravanserai

The Cappadocia Region of Turkey is part of the original Silk Route. Here we visited an original Caravanserai. This is where travellers would lay their heads for a night or two with somewhere safe to leave their camels to rest too.
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Kusadasi Things to Do Tip : CARAVANSERAI
Built in 1618 and restored in 1966, this is an Ottoman Castle built for sea trade. It has a Courtyard and a Two storied porch area. The entrance to the Caravanserai has a Marble Gate and a low archway. There are two archways, one left, and one right. The...
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Wilaya de Fes Things to Do Tip : Fes, Caravanserai
The Caravanserai (the Funduq) is the middle of the souqs is a very well renovated old building which now houses the museum for Wood Carving.

We only went in to go to the toilets and didn't have to pay
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Turkey Off The Beaten Path Tip : Sultanhani caravanserai
by tommix
That's a must for all lovers of Seljuk architecture. In a small city of Sultanhani, on the road between Aksaray and Konya, you will find this beautiful caravanserai from 13 century. It's one of the largest in Turkey!
Caravanserai means literally "caravan...
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by catnl
Alarahan-Caravanserai pictures

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Iraq Off The Beaten Path Tip : The Caravanserai in Kuysanjaq
In the bazaar of the old Jewish city of Kuysanjaq, there is a caravanserai (a place where caravans came to rest). Walking around the bazaar, I had no idea this place was here. There is no signs pointing to this place, just a fancier than average door. The...
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Turkey Things to Do Tip : Sultanhani Caravanserai
by al2401
A basic caravanserai was originally a roadside inn where travelers could rest and recover from the day's journey. Caravanserais supported the flow of commerce, information, and people across the network of trade routes that covered Asia, North Africa, and...
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Ile de Jerba General Tips Tip : Houmt Souk - the caravanserai
Caravanserai is old Arabic name for lodging or shelter. It is a littlebit different then the hotels because there is no hall and restaurant in caravanserai. The inneryard of caravanserai has the same construction we can find in the christian...
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Konya Off The Beaten Path Tip : sultanhani caravanserai (1229)
on main road N300 between konya and aksaray.
110km from konya;42km from aksaray.

one of the nicest seldjuk caravanserai.
recently restored.

open daily from 9am to sunset.
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Syria Things to Do Tip : Apamea - the Ottoman caravanserai
In the village of Qalat Mudiq at the base of Apamea, you'll see a huge,square, stone-walled building, the unmistakable bulk of a caravanserai. Built in the 16th Century to service the Ottoman pilgrim caravans that passed this way on their way to Mecca, it...
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Konya Off The Beaten Path Tip : saddedin or zazadin han,a caravanserai
24km from konya.
leaving konya to aksaray,after 19km (arrow),take left ,then 5km.
lost in the immensity of the steppe,the caravanserai (1236) recalls desert convoys,men and animals exhausted after a long walk thru desert,under the sun.
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Beysehir Off The Beaten Path Tip : ILGIN-Behind the caravanserai
Behind the Caravanserai there is an another small mosque. Just in front of the mosque you may see "charity stone". Once upon a time, at night, after the "namaz" people were leaving some money there, and poor people could take them easily at night.
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Orchha Things to Do Tip : The Caravanserai
Looking down from the fort you can see on the eastern side the old Caravanserai which has now been restored.
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Uzbekistan Shopping Tip
Local Craft:
Caravanserai Saifuddin-Bukhara
This is a 2 flight recovered Caravanserai that helds more than 20 shops. In Bukhara there are a couple of very interesting Caravanserais that youll be thrilled to visit and feel your inside the Silk Road (along with 10 tourist by your side he).
You can buy...
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Canakkale Ili Things to Do Tip : Yali Hani (1889 Caravanserai)
by June.b
Walk the street where the clock tower is (the one on your right) and about 2 short blocks (about a hundred meters) you’ll see this old caravanserai. Just in front of a bar, venue of folk singer performances.

Now, there are number of coffeeshops, a...
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Midyat Restaurants Tip
Dining in a historical caravanserai.
by June.b
This – as the name suggests – used to be a han (caravanserai) with inns for travelers during the old times. It is beautifully restored and it is now a restaurant and café serving delicious and affordable local cuisine. I took my lunch here at the big...
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