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Versailles the grand ville

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Mar 22, 2013 at 9:00 AM

I always said it is more than a castle museum that it is since 1837. I used to lived here for almost 10 years and would like to take you in and out of it. Well I will be there but folks that wanted to cannot make it last minute. So , therefore, if anyone is there that let me know before I leave, we can meet ,otherwise I will be alone with the wife. Cheers

After arriving , we will walk over to ave de l'independance Americaine to see the place where the help for France to the new nation of USA was given, and see the table where Benjamin Franklin signed! The old building of the foreign affairs office today the municipal library of Versailles! bibliotheques.versailles.fr/...;;;;;; .and the gardens of  Versailles.

We will stop for lunch at O'Paris pub near the castle.

.In the afternoon, we will go to the chic Montreuil neighborhood and see the Maison Elizabeth,(sister of Louis XVI also beheaded) versailles-tourisme.com/deco... the Italian musicians house behind the park.

 We will wondered our old street in nostalgic mood, and visit the marche de Notre Dame and the church of Notre Dame our old neighborhood. Then head for dinner at 'Le Boeuf à la Mode ', traditional French cuisine at its best; restaurant-bistrot-tradition...

We will walk to all these places really, and will see other interesting points along the way. For me it will be very nostalgic as Versailles is worth a kingdom ::) In the new and improve VT don"t know how to adjust the participants on my part so I will be there with my wife so 2

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