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    Devil in Disguise one_alien Date Added: Nov 5, 2011

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    Valcartier Snow Centre miTravel Date Added: Aug 19, 2011

    Located 20 minutes from Québec City, Valcartier Vacation Village is one of the most appreciated recreation destinations in North America. Renowned as the largest winter playground in North America, it offers various activities enjoyed by its family clientele, which grows every year.
    Valcartier Vacation Village opened in 1963 and has never stopped developing and diversifying. Since the summer of 1998, two major divisions have been added to this family attraction: Rafting Valcartier, which offers excursions on the Jacques-Cartier River (whitewater rafting, family river tour, hydrospeed and raft and canoe rental) and an ultramodern 600 site campground next to the waterpark.
    Today, with its 50 year-round employees, 500 seasonal jobs, over $50 million investment, and more than 10 million visitors, Valcartier Vacation Village is a major economic generator in the Quebec tourism sector.
    It seeks, first and foremost, to remain a must-visit destination for families looking for pleasure and wonder in summer and winter.

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    Ice Canyoning in Québec miTravel Date Added: Aug 19, 2011

    At the foot of Mont Sainte-Anne (about 30 minutes away from downtown Québec City), you can get a fantastic winter experience in the Jean-Larose Falls by simply adapting the summer techniques and knowledge to winter conditions (rappelling on ice with crampons). Ice-canyoning is the perfect activity to easily discover the vertical ice cascade, continuously grown and transformed by small trickles of running water, and decorated with magical stalactites.

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    Ice Climbing in Québec City miTravel Date Added: Aug 19, 2011

    At 84 metres, Quebec City’s Montmorency Falls is the highest in the province of Québec. It also stands 30m higher than Niagara Falls. Montmorency Falls is a beautiful site all year round, but particularly in winter. As the temperatures drop, a massive ice ‘sugarloaf’ forms at the bottom of the falls, and the surrounding area is also covered.

    As this video shows, this makes for perfect ice climbing conditions.

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    Snowboarding in Québec miTravel Date Added: Aug 19, 2011

    Located only 20 minutes from Québec City, Stoneham Mountain Resort is a perfect destination for outdoors enthusiasts. Nestled in a horseshoe shaped valley, which protects the resort from the wind, Stoneham features year-round activities, but it is known across North America for its exhilarating skiing.

    With 39 trails spread over three mountains and a vertical drop of 1,380 feet (420 meters), Stoneham Mountain Resort caters to every category of skiers. At night, its 19-lighted trails—covering 9,8 miles (15,6 km)—represent one of the largest night skiing network in Canada. Extreme skiing enthusiasts have access to three trails designed especially for them, forming an extreme zone on mountain number 4.
    Indeed, the après-ski is fully part of the Stoneham experience! The Artic Spa zone on the Bar Quatre-Foyer's terrace with its outdoor hot tubs promises an even greater time for the white season!

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    Quebec in Winter miTravel Date Added: Aug 19, 2011

    Québec is an exhilarating place all year round, but particularly so during the winter. So if you are going on a snow inspired adventure holiday in Québec where should you be heading and what should you be doing? This video reveals all.

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    Wild animals, treehouses, kite surfing, zip lining and ghost towns - you will find all this and more in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, region of Quebec.

    This vast region is named after the Rivière Saguenay and the great lake, Lac Saint-Jean, which links it to the St. Lawrence. The river winds through a majestic fjord whose breathtaking rocky walls hold their own special fascination. To the north extends a vast wilderness of forests and lakes simply brimming with adventure.

    This video shows why it is such a wonderful place.

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    The great outdoors of Quebec is blessed with fantastic nature. In this video you can check out moose, elk bears, beavers caribou, musk ox – and also a spot of camping Quebecois style.
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    A quick guide on how to track a moose, filmed at Zoo Sauvage in Quebec, Canada

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    A guide to Charlevoix, Quebec miTravel Date Added: May 10, 2010

    In Charlevoix, mountain and sea combine to form a setting that can only be described as spellbinding.
    Charlevoix can thank a meteorite that fell to Earth some 350 million years ago for its magnificent geography. In 1988, a large part of the region was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. In this jealously guarded territory, two national parks are a haven for nature lovers: Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie, where deep valleys slice through imposing peaks; and Parc national des Grands-Jardins, land of taiga, tundra and caribou.

    There’s much to admire on the St. Lawrence Route, which links Baie-Saint-Paul and La Malbaie. The Route des Saveurs (“flavour trail”) is a gastronomic voyage of discovery with one regional specialty after another and from Saint-Siméon or Baie-Sainte-Catherine, head off to do some whale watching at the Saguenay—St. Lawrence Marine Park.

    Find out more in this video – and look out for Elvis Presley’s calling card…

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    Beer Tasting in Quebec miTravel Date Added: May 10, 2010

    Beer tasting in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec

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    How to Call a Moose miTravel Date Added: May 10, 2010

    Filmed in Quebec, Canada

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    A quick on how to kite surf. Filmed at Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in Quebec.
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    Since it opened its doors in 2001, the Hôtel de Glace has wowed over half a million visitors. With snow archways towering over 5 meters tall and crystal ice sculptures standing by the warmth of the fire, North America's only ice hotel has made a name for itself worldwide.

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    Dog Sledding in Quebec miTravel Date Added: Oct 1, 2009

    Quebec is a great place to go for a winter holiday, but it’s not all about skiing. This video, filmed at Mont-Sainte-Anne shows how thrill seekers can indulge in a spot of dog sledding.

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    Curling in Quebec - how to do it miTravel Date Added: Oct 1, 2009

    This video gives a basic 'how to' guide to the Winter Olympic sport of Curling. Grab your brush!
    Filmed at the beautiful Tremblant resort in Quebec.

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    Street Entertainer...Quebec City Greggor58 Date Added: Oct 18, 2008

    Old time Quebec Folk music...

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    Quebec City, "summer" 2008 Jefie Date Added: Aug 27, 2008

    In case you're wondering why your friends from Quebec spent the entire summer of 2008 complaining about the weather, here's a video I shot on June 10, 2008... and there was still more to come!

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    Quebec government buildings violette_ca Date Added: Aug 21, 2008

    On Charest Street

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