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  • AlbuqRay's video

    A 360 degree panorama of the view from the Lincoln Gettysburg Address Memorial

  • AlbuqRay's video

    Shows the Devil's Den from the west side of the rock outcropping and shows Little Round Top.

  • AlbuqRay's video
    Devil's Den Views from the Top AlbuqRay Date Added: Jan 3, 2010

    360-panorama from the top of the rock outcropping. The views include the summit and Little Round Top.

  • AlbuqRay's video
    Longstreet Tower Views AlbuqRay Date Added: Jan 3, 2010

    360-Panorama of the views from the top of Longstreet Tower

  • AlbuqRay's video
    Plaza Restaurant and Lounge AlbuqRay Date Added: Jan 2, 2010

    Located on the southeast side of Lincoln Square, it has delicious food and friendly service.

  • AlbuqRay's video

    View of Baltimore Street from north to south from A Sentimental Journey B&B's Porch

  • AlbuqRay's video
    Baltimore Street View AlbuqRay Date Added: Dec 29, 2009

    Baltimore Street by the A Sentimental Journey B&B

  • AlbuqRay's video
    Valley of Death AlbuqRay Date Added: Jul 11, 2008

    Near The Wheatfield on Ayres Avenue's far southeast loop there is a view of the "Valley of Death," as it was named after the battle. Both Round Tops are in the background.

  • AlbuqRay's video
    View from Little Round Top AlbuqRay Date Added: Jul 11, 2008

    On 2 Jul 1863, Little Round Top was the key point in the Union Army's defensive line, overlooking The Slaughter Pen, Devil's Den, Houck's Ridge and The Valley of Death. With its views of the battlefield, it is easy to see why the position was so important.

  • AlbuqRay's video
    McPherson Ridge Panorama AlbuqRay Date Added: Jul 11, 2008

    The Battle of Gettysburg began around 8 AM on 1 Jul 1863 on McPherson Farm. There are now several statues and memorials at this site where Meredith Avenue intersects the Chambersburg Pike. The day I was there, 2 May 2008, the adjacent fields were awash in blooming yellow wildflowers, making a spectacular backdrop for this historical site.

  • AlbuqRay's video
    East Cemetery Hill AlbuqRay Date Added: Jul 11, 2008

    East Cemetery Hill is across the street from the Baltimore Pike entrance to the Soldiers' National Cemetery. There are many monuments commemorating the battle there at the end of the day on 2 Jul 1863. There are some nice views at the top of the hill and one can see why it was a strategic position.

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    BANG Travmad Date Added: May 25, 2008


  • AlbuqRay's video
    Soldiers National Cemetery AlbuqRay Date Added: May 24, 2008

    I got up early and walked to the Soldiers National Cemetery before the crowds arrived. It was quiet except for the birds. The monument is where President Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address.

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