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  • Pijlmans's video
    Struga Pijlmans Date Added: Sep 23, 2012

    This is a promotional DVD that we got at the town hall of Struga. It is the same clip three times in a row, in Macedonian, Albanian and English respectively.

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    Drim River at Struga, Macedonia SWFC_Fan Date Added: Apr 1, 2012

    This short video shows Lake Ohrid flowing into the Drim River at Struga, Macedonia.

    It was recorded when we visited Struga on a day trip from nearby Ohrid in March 2012.

    The banks of the Drim River are lined with cafes and restaurants that offer outdoor tables overlooking the water.

  • SWFC_Fan's video

    The town of Struga is situated on the northern shores of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia.

    We visited Struga by bus from nearby Ohrid during a visit to the region in March 2012.

    At Struga, Lake Ohrid empties into the Drim River. Close to the point where the lake meets the river there is a long sandy beach. This is where I recorded this short video.

    We enjoyed a stroll along the beach before sitting in the sunshine at an outdoor table enjoying a cold Skopsko beer at the lakeside V-Plazza restaurant.

  • SWFC_Fan's video

    This short video was taken during our visit to Struga, Macedonia in March 2012.

    It shows where Lake Ohrid empties into the Drim River.

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