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    After having successfully negotiated the eight miles of the Confederation Bridge from Prince Edward Island in a high sided vehicle with a crosswind we finally arrived safely in the Province of New Brunswick.

    I did breathe a small sigh of relief, presumably not as much as my driver who had done very well.

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    Get lost in the music of up to 125 performers and over 350 artists from around the world, performing across 23 different stages over six days. Walk away with stories to tell, photos to share, and some new songs to sing

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    New Brunswick in Canada has a proud culinary tradition. If they are not sucking on a succulent lobster from the Bay of Fundy, they are catching and cooking an atlantic salmon from the Miramichi river.

    However, not all of the regions finest food comes from the water. If you like to forage for your food, the countryside is akin to a giant natural supermarket. Chefs in New Brunswick often know how to make the most of this, going out into the wild to see what fruits the forest have to offer and adding it to their menu.

    In this video Chris Aerni from the Rossmount Inn, St Andrews by the Sea takes a journey through the New Brunswick foliage to hunt for some of the finest wild mushrooms you could hope to find, and then he uses his cooking skills to make a delicious meal.

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    The mighty Miramichi River is a world-renowned destination for good reasons. It's reputed to be one of the greatest Atlantic salmon rivers in the world. With a 155-mile long main stem, draining into a watershed of 5,405 sq. miles, the Miramichi is an impressive New Brunswick Natural Wonder.

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    New Brunswick is completely spoiled by an abundance of food, and they make the most of it with recipes old and new, all bursting with flavour. This video takes you on a culinary journey through three of the standout cuisine experiences.

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    The Bay of Fundy is a 280 km long ocean bay located on the Atlantic (east) coast of North America, on the northeast end of the Gulf of Maine. It sits between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, with a small portion touching the U.S. state of Maine.

    Many people travel to the Bay of Fundy to witness the highest tides in the world. During each 12½ hour tide cycle, a billion tonnes of water flow in and out of this bay – that’s more than the flow of all the world’s freshwater rivers combined – making it one of the best places on earth to gather “green” tidal energy.

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