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  • mtncorg's video
    World's Ugliest Airplane mtncorg, Dallas Date Added: Mar 15, 2016

    Pack 'em in. We all have to go together. A fully packed 747 was bad enough; mid row in an MD-11 worse. Now Airbus gives us the A380. As ugly as the cancelled MD-12, the A380 packs a bunch more people than a 747. I can only imagine the lines at immigration!! The design just is not as elegant as the Queen of the Skies - 747 - and that - plus the expense of running the aircraft - dooms it in my eyes.

  • mtncorg's video

    Pack 'em in. We all have to go together. A fully packed 747 was bad enough; mid row in an MD-11 worse. Now Airbus gives us the A380. As ugly as the cancelled MD-12, the A380 packs a bunch more people than a 747. I can only imagine the lines at immigration!! The design just is not as elegant as the Queen of the Skies - 747 - and that - plus the expense of running the aircraft - dooms it in my eyes.

  • mtncorg's video
    TAKE OFF TO THE SOUTH mtncorg, Dallas Date Added: Sep 16, 2015

    Off from DFW looking out the west side of the aircraft. You can see the miles of freeways, the home field of the Dallas Cowboys and the towers of downtown Fort Worth far in the distance.

  • mtncorg's video
    Landing from the North mtncorg, Dallas Date Added: Sep 16, 2015

    Landing from the North over the big reservoir. Smooth this time, but it can get bumpy especially later in the afternoon.

  • zTibet's video
    Tibet Retreat zTibet, Colorado Date Added: Feb 17, 2015

    This video is about my experience in Tibet and our annual meditation retreat to Tibet and Nepal.

  • Madasabull's video
    Galveston Madasabull, Galveston Date Added: Jan 24, 2014

    A great drive along the coast to Galveston, seeing houses on stilts to save from flooding.

  • Rich62's video
    The Eyes of Texas Rich62, Texas Date Added: Apr 24, 2012

    Each noon, Austin radio station KVET (98.1 FM) plays a wonderful barbershop harmony rendiditon of the U.S. national anthem, and immediately follows it with a lush symphonic version of "The Eyes of Texas are upon You." Listen to this video, which plays part of the song.

  • miTravel's video

    A combination of hockey, boardercross, and downhill skiing, Red Bull Crashed Ice sets a thrilling stage for intrepid male and female amateur and pro hockey players from across Canada & beyond. No flat surfaces here ? instead daring racers hurtle down a 550m ice track coiling around Quebec City?s urban environment, featuring a ridiculous sequence of razor-sharp turns, ice steps and gap jumps. But how would a mere mortal cope with the track? Watch this video to find out!

  • miTravel's video
    The Hôtel de Glace miTravel, Quebec Date Added: Aug 19, 2011

    Imagine a structure made completely of 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. Imagine ceilings over 5.4 metres high (19 feet), walls covered with original artwork, and furniture carved out of ice blocks. Keep that thought in your mind, and you have conjured up an image of The Hôtel de Glace, located just 10 minutes from downtown Québec City in one of the most beautiful natural parks in the area.
    It takes approximately five weeks to erect this masterpiece of architecture which now covers more than 3 000 square meters. The Hôtel de Glace artisans amaze everyone by modifying and creating new elements every year. For example, there are 36 wonderful rooms and theme suites, the Ice Café, the magnificent chapel, an immense lobby with a candelabra lit by fibre optics, an interior courtyard, hot tubs and sauna, functional fireplaces, and the majestic reception room named the Ice Bar. The Hôtel de Glace offers a truly unforgettable experience between nature and urbanity.

  • RedRiverRambler's video

    wide open skies in small town USA

  • Kaspian's video
    TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls (2007) Kaspian, Austin Date Added: Jul 25, 2011

    TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls (2007) - 2007 Calvello Cup.

  • posejc's video
    Newest Video by JC Pose posejc, Plano Date Added: May 1, 2011

    Something different

  • Rich62's video
    Sounds of Texas Rich62, Austin Date Added: Apr 19, 2011

    Each day at twelve noon, Austin radio station 98.1 FM plays the Star Spangled Banner, which is immediately followed by a lush orchestral arrangement of "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You." For a sample of the latter, turn your speakers on!

  • posejc's video
    HP 6000 Pro - Part Two posejc, Plano Date Added: Apr 10, 2011

    The Second part on how to tear down a HP 6000 Pro System.

  • posejc's video
    HP 6000 PRO Part 2 posejc, Dallas Date Added: Mar 29, 2011

    The second part of the HP 6000 Pro - disassembly and how to pull parts to either replace and or repair.

  • posejc's video
    Small World posejc, Plano Date Added: Dec 11, 2010

    A small world after all!.

  • posejc's video
    Latest Video posejc, Plano Date Added: Dec 11, 2010

    a small compilation of my own videos (most I posted on youTube) and you can come and check them out!.. Hope you like them!..

  • VeronicaG's video

    Our visit took us 17 miles outside of Fredericksburg to see this unusual granite dome, know as Enchanted Rock. It is over 1800 ft. high and is comprised of rock said to be over 6 million years old. Evidence shows it to have been inhabited over 11,000 years ago by its earliest residents.

  • Rich62's video
    Plaque Dedication Rich62, Fredericksburg Date Added: May 15, 2010

    A plaque for a WWII veteran is dedicated at the Nimitz Museum of the Pacific War as a bagpiper plays "Amazing Grace." The soldier honored was my wife's father.

  • Grazjo's video
    Japanese Tea Gardens Grazjo, San Antonio Date Added: Mar 22, 2010

  • nomorewars's video
    And The Parade Keeps Rolling nomorewars, Houston Date Added: Mar 14, 2010

  • nomorewars's video
    St. Patrick's Day Parade nomorewars, Houston Date Added: Mar 14, 2010

  • ms123's video
    Fliqz Test ms123, Dallas Date Added: Mar 3, 2010


  • nomorewars's video
    The Finish nomorewars, Galveston Date Added: Feb 28, 2010

  • nomorewars's video
    More Fun on the Island nomorewars, Galveston Date Added: Feb 27, 2010

  • nomorewars's video
    The Dog Parade nomorewars, Galveston Date Added: Feb 19, 2010

    The Dog Parade took place during Galveston's Children's Mardi Gras celebration.

  • nomorewars's video
    2010 Mardi Gras Dog Parade nomorewars, Galveston Date Added: Feb 19, 2010

    During the last day of Mardi Gras, the city of Galveston held its annual Dog Parade during the city's Children Mardi Gras.

  • Rich62's video
    Lights and Music Rich62, Austin Date Added: Jan 7, 2010

    This is a very short video of the Trans Siberian Orchestra during a performance we saw in Austin on Dec. 28, 2009.

  • JimiPap's video
    Vegas Baby JimiPap, Las Vegas Date Added: Oct 13, 2009

  • dwm10251's video
    Live Music dwm10251, Austin Date Added: Sep 3, 2009

    The Broken Spoke... a honky tonk

  • nomorewars's video
    The Devil's Water Hole nomorewars, Texas Date Added: Aug 16, 2009

    Here is a video of some crazy kids jumping off a cliff into Ink's Lake at the Devil's Water Hole.

  • catz4u's video
    A little Sailing video catz4u, Galveston Island Date Added: Jul 31, 2009

    Sailing in Galveston Bay near Galveston Island. About a 20-25knt westerly wind.

  • nomorewars's video

    This video pertains to my family's trip to South Padre Island's sea turtle rescue center.

  • nomorewars's video

    My family and I spent a whole afternoon chasing dolphins in the Laguna Madre bay.

  • jumpingnorman's video

    Leopard at El Paso Zoo, Texas

  • jumpingnorman's video

    Coyotes Running at El Paso Zoo, TX

  • jumpingnorman's video

    Heavy fog on freeway, getting lost but with GPS

  • ChristophersBoss's video

    Local favorite Italian restaurant features real Chicago style Pizza (thin crisp square cut or light fluffy deep dish) and great pasta dishes using homemade sauces and fresh ingredients. Crisp salads served on chilled glass plates. Bread and pizza dough baked from scratch daily. Christopher's Italian Restaurant offers a casual dining experience in a comfortable Tuscan ambiance, perfect for the whole family.

    A private dining room is available for parties, luncheons, corporate events, receptions, and children's parties that include kitchen tours and Make Your Own Pizza Parties, always a big hit for kid's birthday parties.

    The price is fair. The fare is excellent. The excellence is dependable.

  • der_geograf's video

    Hurricane Ike struck Southeast Texas on September 12-13, 2008, as a Category 2 hurricane with winds of 110 mph. Here is how the storm looked from my location in downtown Beaumont, Texas.

  • ATXtraveler's video
    Working Gristmill ATXtraveler, San Antonio Date Added: Oct 13, 2008

    Working Gristmill at Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo

  • saraheg77's video
    Lone Star Chorus saraheg77, Fort Worth Date Added: Sep 28, 2008

    This Chorus is a Sweet Adeline Chorus (female version of barbershop singing) that was performing at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, TX. They were quite good!

  • helen90566's video
    singing helen90566, Texas State Park Date Added: Aug 6, 2008

  • setikeyvan's video
    The Alamo setikeyvan, San Antonio Date Added: May 28, 2008

    I had no idea what to expect when visiting the Alamo. I was a little bit underwhelmed, but still it was a pretty sight. I didn't have much memory left on my digital card, so I was describing everything very quickly! :-)

  • Ewingjr98's video

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