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  • machomikemd's video

    final approach

  • ucb4uanewman's video
    Trippin' The GH ucb4uanewman, Grand Haven Date Added: Apr 19, 2010

    Walking video solarized to Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold"

  • Rich62's video
    THE FOUNTAIN AT THE AIRPORT Rich62, Detroit Date Added: Sep 18, 2009

    HERE'S THE THING: I tried to take a video of the fountain but didn't know that my memory stick was almost full. So my video turned out to be about two seconds long. Still, you can get an idea of what the "burst" effect of the fountain is like.

  • staindesign's video

    Once anyone gets to the top of Tower Hill you must run down. I had told Gonzalo how when I was a kid I ran down but tripped in the middle and rolled most of the way down. In the meantime eatting a ton of sand. So I was video taping the smarty pants....He is always full of jokes!

  • KimberlyAnn's video

    In the summer time many female mallard ducks bring their babies up and down the lake looking for both natural foods and human handouts. Many people along the lakeshore enjoy supplementing the duckling’s meals. Mama ducks remember from year to year which cabins and homes feed, and will return each year with their new brood, hoping for a free meal for the little ones. Many people up and down the lake feed white bread, which is more of a stomach filler than a nutritional meal. Wanting to be a little better than the average, we make sure to purchase whole wheat or multi-grained breads. Some years they also eat the high protein dog food that we feed the geese families. As years go by, the adult drakes never return for a human hand out, and the females only return with their young. Knowing that the adult ducks do not become dependent on human handouts, and seeing that they only approach people who feed, and are wary of all others, I only feel a little guilty for indulging in this fun, summer pastime.

  • KimberlyAnn's video
    My Favorite Buoy KimberlyAnn, Copper Harbor Date Added: Jun 4, 2008

    I love the musical sound of bell buoys. This is the only buoy of that type that we regularly sail past, and therefore it is my favorite buoy in the sailing areas that we frequent. Ever changing, depending on the type of waves at the time, this can be a soft greeting, or a loud warning, but it is always a welcoming sound as we enter or leave Copper Harbor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  • DPando's video
    North Michigan overview DPando, Michigan Date Added: May 24, 2008

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