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    My girlfriend and I visit Sheffield's Botanical Gardens fairly often at weekends.

    We often take bags of nuts and seeds with us to feed the abundant squirrels that live within the gardens.

    The squirrels are certainly not shy and are happy to approach us...especially when they see that we are armed with food!

    They seem to have a particular fondness for pistachios, and will often shun our other offerings when they realise that we have pistachios!

    This short video was filmed on a sunny Sunday afternoon in September 2011.

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    Sheffield Botanical Gardens SWFC_Fan Date Added: Sep 14, 2011

    We visit Sheffield's Botanical Gardens fairly frequently at weekends.

    It is a nice place for a stroll at any time of year, particularly in the summer months when the grass is full of sunbathing students and picnicing families.

    I also enjoy visiting the Botanical Gardens in the Autumn months when the leaves are turning all sorts of shades of yellow, red and orange - the gardens are at their most photogenic at that time of year in my opinion.

    You will usually have no trouble finding squirrels in the gardens; we often take a bag of mixed nuts to feed them with. They are certainly not shy and will practically eat out of our hands!

    This short video was filmed on a sunny Sunday afternoon in September 2011.

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    The Peace Gardens citytrip Date Added: Sep 9, 2011

    The Peace Gardens are located in the city centre besides the town hall.

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    Sheffield Peace Gardens suvanki Date Added: Apr 10, 2011

    A lovely spring day in the very centre of Sheffield - the Peace Gardens was packed with people enjoying the sunshine, with plenty cooling off in the fountains!

  • suvanki's video

    At last, we can be proud of our 'Gate to the City' For so long Sheffield Station has provided an embarrassing introduction for visitors to Sheffield, but no longer....

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    Wheel of Sheffield tim07 Date Added: Sep 8, 2009

  • tim07's video
    Peace Gardens tim07 Date Added: Jun 7, 2009

  • tim07's video
    Supertram tim07 Date Added: Jun 6, 2009

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