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    Library Point is the hub of all activity in Mussoorie. This was the place you first woke up to in the wee hours of the morning if you have undertaken the bus route from ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal), Delhi, in days of yore. It is now the most cacophonous place in entire Mussoorie. All drivers in Mussoorie appear to simply love the sound of the horn of their vehicle. Some of them lean forward, rest their elbows on the horn and doze off.

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    Kempty Falls anilpradhanshillong Date Added: Jul 25, 2011

    Whatever glorious stories you have heard of Kempty Falls belongs to an era when concretisation had not taken place. In the name of improvement and facilities, this gorgeous falls has been totally ruined. A giant trolley, an incongruous temple, innumerable houses and some odd concrete platforms totally obscure the view of the falls.

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    Cloud End Forest Resort anilpradhanshillong Date Added: Jul 23, 2011

    The ‘Cloud End Forest Resort’, in the Landour region of Mussoorie, is for serious people – people serious about their peace, tranquillity, privacy, nature and rejuvenation. Located a good 7 kms from the Mall, it is secluded enough even for the most private of persons. If you are travelling in your own vehicle, take the diversion to your left, 4 kms before reaching Mussoorie. A signboard tells you that this haven is 13 kms away. This is a lonely stretch of road with no proper signboards (Cart Mackenzie Road) 10 kms up to Hathi Paon (7,080 ft.). From this landmark it’s another 3 kms. Taking this bypass allows you to avoid the madness of the traffic of Library Point to Waverly Convent and thence to this secluded spot.

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