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According to Webster's

1: a piece of furniture on or in which one may lie and sleep, a place for sleeping (a mattress filled with soft material)...etc and the list goes on.
Some people use a bed for as little as 4 hours a night while others sleep for days.
For an amateur traveler like me it is a constant of sorts. I can go without food for a few days and live off water but I do need a place to crash after 48 hrs on the road. As it turns out a bed often takes different forms when you travel...could be some open seats in an airport lobby or the floor of a play room at a friend's house.
I am by no means an expert on beds...I have slept in beds at Hiltons, Marriots, etc....they all seem the same to me after awhile.
When I hiked into Tayrona Park in Colombia a few years back I spent my first night in a hammock praying the wind would not pick up and blow the rain up the thatched roof that covered the collection of hammocks where I was sleeping.

One chain bed I did like....

Spent a week in Narita for work and was put up at the Raddison for a few days..it's a crew hotel for Delta Airlines so it was booked full which prevented me getting it the whole week...if I had booked earlier I might have had better luck (live and learn). Did not realize how nice it was here till I had to move over to the Holiday Inn next to the airport.
Guess I am picky about mattresses... they can't be too firm nor too soft..this one was just right and I slept well for the 4 nights I was there..this was a good thing considering I was in class for 8-9 hours each day. Had a nice TV in front of the bed but being in Japan who wants to sit around and watch TV when you can catch the hotel shuttle into town and explore the city.

A box spring????

The bed here looks nice at first but take a closer look....
See the square edges? Only spent one night here in this hotel just outside of Al Mukalla and that was enough. This bed looked so nice until I sat my ass on it - hard as a board similar to a B&B I stayed at in Ulan Ude, Russia (I think there actually was a sheet of plywood on that bed). Good here was that I had gotten a good nights rest the day before in Sanaa.

A futon mat?

At some of your finer establishments around the world you will find the legendary "concave" bed. While great for cuddling in the colder climates around the world - it sucks in humid Africa. When it is hot, humid outside as well as in and your a/c unit in the room is struggling at best you need your space on a bed too cool off rather than to share hot and sticky body heat with your better half. No matter where you try and position yourself on this bed you end up rolling into each other in the center..good thing here was that we need not need a mosquito net here in the middle of Accra, Ghana.

Upstairs on a 747 freighter aircraft

Back in the day when I used to work on these things I used to take a moment and sit back in one of these 4 first class seats installed in the hump of my companies 747 freighters. The seats seemed great and awesome place to sleep..guess I thought so as a being at work and knowing I would not be staying here for more than a few min. They keep seats up here so the crews can rest during longer flights or extra crew members can hitch a ride to another city that they are flying out of. The seats are limited due to the number of emergency exit lines behind the cockpit and FAA regulations......
The couple of times I did get to ride up here and was offer one of these nice seats - I kindly declined if you can imagine- plus the ones I rode on had no windows unlike the pick below which was a converted passenger plane. I am an airplane nut at heart so I had to sit up front in the cozy jump seat behind the Captain's seat...while not an comfortable as these here (I will not comment on weather or not you can sleep in an actual jump seat) it does have the best view in the house. Flying into Anchorage, AK at sunrise is a sight not to be missed.

A rooftop bed

While traveling in warmer climates such as the Middle East or Africa you often have the option of sleeping on the roof. Considering the rooms are often concrete or mud block cells with no a/c or fans this is a great way to stay cool and catch some zzz's plus you get to see the stars as a bonus treat. I was lucky here out in the Dogon (central Mali) that they has mosquito nets...they don't breath that well but option B is risking a mosquito bite and ending up with malaria. Net please........While I have not done so yet...this is the common man's option in many hotels in the M.E. and I have heard they can be quite cramped at times but when in Rome....

Some times you just gotta find a place to crash

For the most part I do not get sea sick and the gentle rocking of a boat will put me right to sleep. I have spent many moons on boats and for the most part traveling by sea is not very exciting...a great place to sleep as I have done many times..some people like to sleep with the sound of soothing music being piped in. On a boat that is underway you can hear the water trickle along the side of the hull which has a similar effect I would imagine..

A bed in a train

Next to a boat, the train and the gentle rocking you experience while traveling on one is a great experience. The old 60's ear East German rail cars that you get to ride thru Russia and many former Eastern Block countries is hard to beat. I my last ride in one was several years ago from Romania to Moldova on an overnight trip. It's just a simple bunk - 4 to a cabin in coach or 2 in first class. I like the coach cabins as they give you a better chance to socialize and the beds are the same - mattress, pillow and then you pay a couple of bucks to rent the sheets if you want them.

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