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The town of Katerinoslav was exclusively the creation of Prince G.A.Potemkin. Prince Potemkin was a well-known favourite of Catherine II. Being at the height of his fame and power he passed th the Empress a scheme which was daring up to impudence (considered so in those days). This plan was for chasing the Turks out of Europe, which all the European monarchs had failed to do during their crusades in the Middle Ages. Potemkin wanted to open the way to the East, to Asia, like Peter Great had open the window to Europe.
So on June 18, 1775 was determined the place of the town near confluence of Kilchen and Samara rivers, near Samara's retrenchment; The Governor of Azovs Province general-major V.A.Chertkov approved general plan of Katerinoslav.137 140 roubles and 32.5 copecks was appropriated for building a town.
May 4, 1776 - V.A.Chertkov submited for approval to G.A.Potemkin the projects and estimates for building a town Katerinoslav. Prince Potemkin confirmed them at the beggining of 1777 with a resolution "to continue the works" that had already begun in 1776. Therefore, the latter date (1776) is considered to be the date of foundation of the city.
November 11, 1778 - The Senate decreed about move of Azov's Province Civil Services to Katerinoslav.
In 1781 Katerinoslav had 2 194 inhabitants, 140 official buildings, 4 churches, 2 technical schools, a wooden bridge over the Kilchen river. However, the destiny of new city while was not connected with the Kilchen river. The low-laying and marshy land, which often had been flooded by high water of the river was considered absolutely unsuitable for further development of regional city. In her special decree from January 22,1784, Catherine II decided to remove the city to the right high bank of Dnipro river. For this one there was the site of the former Polish castle of Kodak, which had been twice built by the famous French engineer Guillome de Bauplaine and had been twice destroyed by the rebellious Cossacks of Zaporizhska Sich. The city of Katerinoslav was decided to be founded just here, near the ruins of the castle. All the approaches to the city from flanks and from Dnipro area were being protected by the Cossacks' settlements.
The creative intention was a really majestic one: Katerinoslav was to become the third, a southern capital of the empire. There was Claude Guerois, the foreign architect, called from Petersburg, who designed the plan of new city of Katerinpslav woth a really fantastic scope. The temple was to be the biggest in the world marked out to be built in the centre of the city. Potemkin ordered: " It must surpass St. Peter Cathedral in Rome in one arshin" (28 inches). According to the design, the cathederal woulb be the biggest one of all the contemporaneous cathedrals.

October 15, 1786 - the plan of Katerinoslav and projects of main common buildings were submited for approval.
October 24, 1786 the plan had been approved.
The Preobrazhensky Cathedral was founded in May 20, 1787, in pompus ceremony, during the jorney of Catherine II to the South of Russia.
Soon the gigantic project of French Claude Guerois was put put aside. In August, 1787 the planning of the city was given to famous Russian architect I.E.Starov: started the construction of Palace for prince Potemkin.
June 12, 1789 - a decree of Catherine II about transfer of Province goverment from Kremenchug to Katerinoslav.
In 1790 the Potemkin's Palace was built.
December 24-31, 1792 - a count A.V Suvorov visited Katerinoslav.
1794 - The silk factory was opened - the only big establishment in the city.
In 1797 city renamed in Novorosiysk.
The population of the city in 1800 - 6 389 inhabitants.

October 20, 1802 - have renamed in Katerinoslav again. A decree of Aleksandr I about administrativo-territorial dividing of Novorosiyska Province and approval Katerinoslav as centre of Katerinoslavska Province.
August 1, 1805 - opening of Katerinoslavska Gymnasium.
In August 2, 1811 - the emblem of Katerinoslavska Province was approved.
April 21, 1817 - a new plan of Katerinoslav was approved. It was made by province architect V.I. Gheste. The plan confirmed a remove of the centre into the lower part of the city.
1818 - a Grand Prince Nikolay Pavlovich - next emperor Nikolay I has visited a city.
May 17-22, 1820 - residency in Katerinoslav of great Russian poet Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin. Soon after Pushkin have written a poem "Brothers bandits". He put in the plot real Katerinoslav's facts about two brothers-convicts which escaped from jail.
In 1825 in city lived 8 412 inhabitants.There were 1 095 houses, 3 churches, 1 gymnasium, 1 seminary, 1 district technical school in Katerinoslav.
1832 - on the Liteyna street was founded iron-foundry.
1834 - public library was opened (burned in 1839).
1838-39 - well-known writer in that time Yelena Andreyevna Ghan for the nonce was living in the Katerinoslav.
1839 - the beggining of publishing a newspaper " Katerinoslavs Province News".
1842 - opening of the first private printing-house of Y.Chausky.
In September 1843 to the way to Zaporizhya Taras Shevchenko visited Katerinoslav.
1845 - the beggining of construction Province Hospital (now "Mechnikov's hospital")

On June, 1846 great russian critic V.G.Belinsky and remarkable russian actor M.S.Shchepkin visited Katerinoslav. In the letter to his wife Belinsky was writing: "The city is immensely original: streets are straight and wide, existing houses are pretty decent, but also exist a wattle and daubs; pigs with piggies walking across streets, confused horses..."
In 1847 was opened the first constant theatre.
In 1849 was opened the first museum (now "The D.I.Yavornitsky Historical Museum")
1854 - a great ukrainian surgeon N.I.Pirogov visited Katerinoslav.
1855 - the first photographic studio was opened.
1856 - on the Hostynna street, opposite theatre, a tobacco factory of I.D.Djigita was founded.
1857 - the second coming of N.I.Pirogov with target to inspect educational institution.
At this time 3 shops, 216 stores and 2 wine-cellars were functioning in the city.
In 1858 a merchant V.P.Ulman in house of Brodsky on the Aleksandrivska street (now Artema street) has opened a bookshop.

From 1858 to 1861 a writer Vladimir Nikolayevich Yelagin was living in Katerinoslav.
August 8, 1859 - a constant telegraphic connection with main cities of European part of Russia was set in Katerinoslav.
In 1862 in Katerinoslav was living 19 515 inhabitants.
1863 - the clock was set on the belfry of Uspensky Cathedral. It was a real high day for townsfolk.
On January 1, 1866 a population census was made in one day. It shows that 22 846 inhabitants living in the city.
July 4, 1869 the first part of aqueduct was founded from square Soborna (now Oktyabrska)
1869 - A District Court was established.
1872 - a free womens school was opened.
November 15, 1873 - the opening of Lowerdniprovsk station and the Katerinivska railroad (now Pridniprovska)
In 1875 the number of educational institutions have gone up to 12.
June 20, 1882 - the first number of newspaper "Katerinoslavsky Listok" ("Katerinoslavsky Rag") has went out.
May 18, 1884 - city celebratd a commissioning of two tier bridge over Dnipro and the opening of Katerininska railroad (now Pridneprovska) between Donbas and Kryvbas.
July 1884 - the main locomotive manufactories of Katerininska railroad began to work.
1885 - Katerinoslav has 46 876 inhabitants.
On the May 21, 1887 townsfolk celebrated the centenary of Katerinoslav.
May 22, 1887 - the start of the first blastfurnace of Bryansky metallurgical plant (now "Petrovsky plant")
Autumn 1889 -the beggining of building the tube-rolled plant "Shoduar" (now the plant of Lenin)
1889 - the opening of Yakovlev's printing-house on the Sadova street ( now the printing-house ยน3 on the Serova street)
May 19, 1895 - the telephone service has began to functionate in the city.
In 1895 on the left bank of Dnipro the plant for making surface-car have founded (now K.Libkhnet's plant)
February 9, 1897 - population census shown that 121 216 inhabitants live in Katerinoslav
March 1897 - the coming in the city of I.V.Bubushkin
May 6, 1897 - the first cinematograph has opened.
1897 - the begginig of tram move in the city. On the Katerinivsky prospect electric lights was set up.
1898 - a daily "Pridneprovsky Region" was founded.
October 12, 1899 - a Higher Mining School was opened.
1901 - Town Duma has opened.
October 27, 1901 - the opening of monument to A.S.Pushkin.
On Junuary 19, 1905 a general strike began in the city with mottoes "Down with an autocracy!"
October 1905 - barricadional fights took place in the city.
In 1907 the building of Winter Theatre was opened (now Gorky's Theatre).
1909 - the long-distance telephone service began to functionate.
1911 - the population is 215 000.
June 1912 - the Higher Mining School reorganized to Mining Institute.
Beggining of 1914 - The House of Khrenikov was built (now Hotel Ukraina)
On the March 12, 1917 Katerinoslav got to know about overturn of autocracy and about the victory of February revolution in Petrograd.
On the October 25 Katerinoslav gladly met a news that Great October socialistic revolution have been made.
December 27, 1917 an armed insurrection between Haydmaks which supported a Central Rada and troops of Red Guard. Ukrainian Haydamaks was blitzed.
December 29, 1917 Soviet ascendancy was set up in Katerinoslav.
April 4, 1918 - city occupied by Austro-German troops.
1918 - There are 4 ascendancies in Katerinoslav: Austro-Germans, Whiteguardsmans, Directory with Hetman, insurgent workers under control of Bolsheviks.
December 24, 1918 - the city in all control of Directory (Ukrainian revolutionary committee)
December 27, the troops of N.I.Makhno captured a city.
January 1, 1919 the control of Directory again.
May 5, 1919 Katerinisky prospect renamed to prospect Karla Marksa.
May 11, 1919 - Grigoriev's troops captured the city.
May 14,1919 - Red Army freed the city.
June 28, 1919 - Katerinoslav occupied by Denikin's troops.
October 27, 1919 - the troops of Makhno captured Katerinoslav again.
Decmber 8 ,1919 - Katerinoslav is under control of Denekin's troops again.
December 30, 1919 - The Red Army banished Denikin's troops. During two years the ascendancy in the city was changing 20 times!
1920 - the population is 189 thousands. The Medical Institute was orginized.
May 29, 1920 Feliks Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky has arrived to Katerunoslav.
April 5, 1922 the needle factory was founded (now - "Mriya")
On the March 1, 1924 the most powerful blastfurnace in Soviet Union was launched at the Petrovsky's plant.
March 11, 1925 - the beggining of flights Moscow-Kharkiv-Katerinoslav-Odesa.
Feburary 23, 1926 a start of the first broadcasting station.
July 26, 1926 - the Presidium of USSR enacted to rename Katerinoslav to Dnipropetrovsk in honour of G.I.Petrovsky - Chair of Allukrainian Central Executive Comitee.
May 1927 - Dnipropetrovsk Ukrainian Musico-Dramatic Theatre of name T.G.Shevchenko was constructed.
August 26, 1927 - the begginig of building a river port in Dnipropetrovsk
January of 1928 - the second coming of poet V.V.Mayakovsky
May 15, 1930 - Metallurgical and Chemico-Technological Institutes were established.
1930 - Dnbipropetrovsk Insitute of Railroad Transport and Dnipropetrovsk Building Institute were established.
Feburary 1932 - Dnipropetrovsk became a Regional Centre
1932 - 320 thousands people was living in the city.
September 15, 1933 - Institute of National Education was reorginized to University.
1934 - Agrarian Institute was established.
1935 - Dnipropetrovsk soccer team became a champion of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic
April 13, 1936 - the beggining of gasification of living houses.
May 3, 1939 - puppet-show was established.
1939 - 97 comprehensive schools were working in Dnipropetrovsk.
August 25, 1941 - Dnipropetrovsk was occupied by fascist troops. The dark days began for population and for city.
October 13-14, 1941 - 11 thousands of inhabitants were killed by hitlerites.
October 25, 1943 - The troops of Red Army freed the city from fascists.
1944 - the beggining of building the gigantic "Autoplant" (now "Yuzhmash")
January 3, 1946 - the decision about building of trolley-bus' lines.
1950 - the railway station was built.
October 27, 1957 - the opening of monument to V.I.Lenin
April 30, 1958 - the first transmission of Dnipropetrovsk TV studio.
1959 - the majestic monument to T.G.Shevchenko was opened on the Komsomolsky Isle (now Monastyrsky Isle)
November 5, 1966 - the new bridge over Dnipro river was opened.
October 30, 1967 - the Monument of Eternal Glory to soldiers, guerillas of Dnipropetrovsk region who died during Great Patriotic War. The height of monument is 30m.
August 31, 1968 - the planetarium was opened.
October 1968 - the hotel "Dniprpetrovsk" was built.
October 29, 1969 - the opening of the Theatre of Young Spectators.
December of 1969 - the knitted factory began to work.
January 1, 1972 - the first number of newspaper "Dnipro Vechirniy"
December 1974 - the opening of The Opera and Ballet Theatre.
May 7, 1975 - the Diorama "The Fight for Dnipro" was opened.
June 1, 1975 - second railway station was opened.
On the June 1, 1975 State Comitee of Council of Ministers of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Rapublic decreed about the beggining of building a subway in Dnipropetrovsk.
1975 - the population of Dniprpetrovsk - 1 million!
1976 - city celebrated 2 centenary of Dnipropetrovsk.
In 1983 soccer team "Dnipro" became the champion of Soviet Union!
1988 - a river port began to work on the Naberezhna Lenina street.
1988 - "Dnipro" became the champion again!
August 24, 1992 - the opening of monument to T.Shevchenko.
November 8, 1995 - 140 years date of birth of D.I.Yavornitsky marked by opening of monument to academian.
Decmber 29, 1995 - the date of birth of Dniprpetrovsk metro.
2000 - population of Dnipropetrovsk is 1mln 200 thousands.

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