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Bathrooms Around The World

I love bathrooms! And hunting them around the world is one of my favorite hobbies! It's so romantic and beautiful to hunt for them...


As of 2007, the worst bathroom award should go to China! No, not in the 1st class hotels or hostels but the average bathroom in the provinces.

They're the pits! I've never seen a bathroom where in there's ABSOLUTELY NO privacy, it's just a hole with lots of poop and even maggots in it! Honestly, it's to die! (Read picture for more details)

To make things worst, I had traveller's diarrhea in China 2007! Wow...I didn't know how I did it but it was so painful, I didn't even care about how disgusting the toilet and I just poop in it and wiped all my poop with the tissues on the floor! Wow!!! I NEVER FELT SO GOOD IN MY LIFE!

I guess when you're desperate, no matter how ugly the bathroom, you'll just poop on it.


Countries where in they have bidets! Egypt, Thailand and India generally had them everywhere! They made my toilet a blast!

I think the reason why they have bidets is because the food there is well...spicy. So you know? When you eat spicy food, your you know what will also be sticky. So what do you need? A powerful hose to make it come out!

I love toilets with bidets! Even no matter how dirty the toilet is, when it has a bidet, I can guarantee: It'll be a blast!


But of course! Not all countries are terrible when it comes to bathrooms!
Hence, even the most comfortable country like America may have the worst bathroom! For instance,

Still one of the most unforgettable bathrooms I've seen was an outhouse bathroom in a desert in Arizona. Oh my gosh! It was just this stinky outhouse with privacy (at least) and a toilet. But you know what you see when you look at the toilet? 3 giant, fresh hotdogs that were spread apart!
Super disgusting! I seriously wanted to puke!

And many squat bathrooms in China are also clean! See? It really depends on what bathroom, who used it and what's your timing.

This photo is Philippine Bathrooms:
Notice the cross? It's protection while you're doing you know what! You see, some Filipinos are quite superstitious so they believe that the cross will protect them from the horrifying 'aswang' (monster) or more realistically, a sex maniac! That's how Catholic Filipinos are!


Well, all the bathrooms were a BLAST in each of our hotels in India!
Except in Calcutta though...the bathroom there was...well...interesting...


Calcutta's sewers are so dirty...that even in a nice hotel, there's bound to be a visitor in your shower! And you may not like it! Especially if your room is located on the ground floor...

Our hotel is great: Nice rooms, nice BATHROOMS, nice everything! It's the nicest place we've stayed so far! Too good to be true? Yes- until you take a bath in the bathroom! (ground level, guess who saw this?)

After fighting your way in hot, hassling and polluted downtown Calcutta, everything is nice in a serene and peaceful shower... Until you see this slimy black CENTIPEDE crawling out from the drainage! Grotesque!

Mom (Did you guess it right?) saw it first and really freaked out! She was hysterical: She ran out with nothing; She just put on a robe and demanded to the reception to 'Take that disgusting thing out'! But guess what? The reception said that the cleaners are already out and it has to be done in the NEXT morning. So what does she do?

She rans to my room (I share with dad because brother insists to be with mom and kicks dad out) and takes a bath. But then, suddenly...
There was another centipede in my bathroom!
Mom is trapped! See? Centipedes just love mom!
So this time, what does she do?

She gets a whole bottle of alcohol, and drowns the centipedes with it! It took a long time for the centipedes to die, and in the end, she wasted one whole bottle of alcohol. She said she wants to buy more alcohol- I have to admit: She's crazy!

By the way, she saw 6 centipedes in that single night! Cool!

Oh well, still:
- India is beautiful, fascinating, but also chaotic, dark and hassling!
Oh well,


Bathrooms in the Philippines are generally modern: They are westernized and they are comfortable to sit on! (Unless you go to the rural areas where in the bathroom is just a hole with a plunger (your flush) next to it! In this case, it's much cleaner to do your toilet in the grass!)

However, perhaps the strangest bathroom and hotel layout I've ever seen was in the strange and mystical island of Siquijor...

Siquijor is an island that's said to be weird; The dark, giant trees, the healers and of course! The witches around the island. Siquijor has a spooky image... (Though in reality, it's one of the most peaceful and quiet islands in the Philippines!)

But you know what even makes it more amazing? Is that our comfortable hotel was also weird! What a coincidence! You see, the Swiss Garden Hotel, (I believe that was the name as of 2005) is strange: Nice but weird.

It has the most bizzare hotel layouts I've ever seen in my entire life! Could you believe it? The bathroom in our room faces the entire HALLWAY with a huge window overlooking the hallway! Can people hear you do it? Of course! Can they smell it? Hmm..that I don't know!

And it even gets stranger: There are 5 doors in our room- two that leads to two bathrooms, (Yes! There are two bathrooms that all overlook the hallway!) a front door and what the two unused doors? Where do they go? That, we don't know! There were just these two doors, all beside the bed, one just plastered with bricks and one just plastered with paint!
Why would the owner do that? Construction reasons? Probably.
It's the perfect scene for a mystery- it makes your imagination run wild... What is the owner trying to hide? Did he (or even she) killed someone?

And finally, to top it all- what really made it weird is that believe it or not, there was an aircon in a bathroom! No kidding! Imagine: The aircon in your room, instead of facing your bed, it faces the toilet instead! How strange is that?

I believe the owner must have believed in the powers of Feng Shui. There was a Feng Shui mirror in the lobby, that maybe explains how weird the set-up of that hotel!

Well, Swiss Garden hotel, I'll never forget you! It was you that made my imaginations run wild in Siquijor!

-Captions in Plus and Minus
Philippines may be the most beautiful island in the world but lacks temples, temples and more temples!
Oh well,


When you think of a first world country, you expect the bathrooms to be first world too: The US should have beautiful bathrooms, Europe should be beautiful too and even Singapore, one of the cleanest countries in the world, should have spotless public bathrooms!

Well, that's where you're wrong!

For some of the worst bathrooms I've seen came all from the 1st worlds! Enjoy this list of bathrooms around the 1st worlds:

-A certain outhouse in the deserts of Arizona! I'm sure you read that part already- you know? The one with the 3 fresh giant hotdogs?


-Bathroom in our hostel in Barcelona! Wow! I thought girls were supposed to be cleaner and neater than boys, not in this hostel: Some of them were like pigs! The female's bathroom was literally a pigstey- toilet papers flying everywhere, hairs scattering the whole place, and I would love to see the toilets! (It must be full of it!) Well, you know what? I felt more at home- because my bathroom in my room back home? It's also a pigstey!

-The showers in the sharing bathrooms in our beloved hostel in Barcelona! Boy, there were certain days where in there was no hot water so of course! The water would be SO COLD, like showering in ICE! It felt like showering in Antarctica!
Then there would be days were in there was absolutely no cold water, so can guess how hot the shower would be? It was like showering in a BOILER!
Boy, I would scream and scream! And I wasn't the only one screaming- the girls! The fun-loving Spaniards would scream and scream like they were being frozen to death or being cooked alive!
Talk about showering in extremes! Well, that's the fun of hostel life!

-Seeing and hearing people race their poop! Hostel life is fun and you could maybe see this in any hostels in Europe! But I've seen this in the fun dormitory of Villa Camerata, Florence. (Which was operated by cranky receptionists as of 2003!) No kidding- if you're not shy, you could just race your poop in the public bathroom! I've seen teenagers doing it here!

-Bathroom in Petra Hostel, Jerusalem! Ooohh...it stinks! It was the darkest sharing bathroom I've ever had! As of May 2005, the bathroom was dark and dinghy: Broken and absolutely no light! (It was broken too!) So how do you take a bath or toilet? Bring a flashlight! No flashlight, then buy one outside the hostel!
-Oh yeah, and I tried the bathroom that had a light but had a warning sign on the door "Closed for maintenance". I tried it and opened the toilet, you'll never believe what I saw! A giant poop flowing out of it! It was clogged.

Singapore maybe the cleanest country on earth (The only visible thing that makes it dirty are the packs of cigarettes lying around the sidewalks) but the bathroom in our Cozy Backpackers Hostel was not! It was also another stink bomb! There was only one cleaner and by the way, it was fully loaded! (More than a 100+ people a night!) So how would the bathrooms look? Disaster case!

Oh well, I guess it all depends on who uses the bathrooms, how's it's maintained and your timing!

USA may have it all: Beauty, comfort, shopping and fun with a heavy price to pay!
Oh well,
(Note: The same could be said with Europe, Israel and Singapore!)


So you see? No country is perfect and so are their bathrooms.

So why do I love bathrooms? Simple- because I grew up in it. Ever since I was small, I always loved to play in bathrooms, it's delightful. (and sometimes gross!)

I hope you enjoyed touring around the world in another perspective! Thanks!

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