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berbers and his stories

To the dawn of the historic times, algeria is populated berbers that one names so Libyan or amazighs. These peoples them a nomadic ones, the sedentary others, know the writing (similar characters to the Tifinagh of the current Touaregs

the Phoenician

In his first organization étatique algeria is called Numidie and several generations of berber kings the governs Syfax to Juba II. Dice the XIIeme S. before. J.C, the Phoenician ones establish themselves on the coast and there are founded these fine counters that will contribute to influence a region intend for the exchanges, to the commerce and universal reports.

the Rome victory on the Numidian Kingdoms

After the destruction of Carthage in 146 before. JC and the Rome victory on the Numidian Kingdoms, the party north of algeria is annexed to the African provinces of the Roman empire. There remained archeological testimonies that occupy an important place in the cultural inheritance of algeria. It is necessary to see the military citys of Timgad Lambez

islam in algeria

To the VIIeme century, begin the Arabic conquest that will induce a final modification due to massive rallying to the islam.

Turkish regency

Then the regency Turk establishes itself to the XVIeme century and, with her, the maritime history that the legend will not stop enriching

the french troops in algeria

It will be necessary next many years, after the disembarkation of the French troops in 1830, to come to boils national resistance. Nevertheless after more of a colonization century, the insurrection bursts - THIS IS the 1st November 1954 -She results in the independence July 5 1962.


just a summary on a very rich country with its cultures and these histories but few people know it

my idea

.the travel broaden the mind , and the best thing in this life when you can afford it

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