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Charlotta (sjalen) has these 50 facts about her on her homepage. I loved the idea and now finally I succeeded putting together my own 100 facts about myself. Thanks for letting me steal your idea, Charlotta!!!

Why don't you add yours, too? It's fun to write them down and it's fun to read them!

1. I prefer the sight of a port or a factory to any castle or palace in the world - apart from Neuschwanstein, which I love.
2. I love the smell of fresh strawberries.
3. I would love to design books for children.
4. One day I would love to have a cat called "Horst", unfortunately I am allergic.
5. I speak German and English, and tried learning Finnish, French, Spanish and Italian.
6. I hate flying but love to watch planes.
7. The most beautiful things I have ever seen were the Alps from the plane and a 1 day old elephant.
8. I am lousy at parking my car. Some say my car is not parked, it's abandoned.
9. When I am bored I buy books I never read.
10. I would love to speak German with an accent.
11. I have never seen a falling star.
12. I read while having a bath - mostly travel guides or gossip magazines for women.
13. I am allergic to apples and peaches unfortunately.
14. Green is my favourite colour. These days I also like brown.
15. I can spend a whole day watching winter sports on telly.
16. I can't stand rap.
17. Puffins and Kangaroos are my favourite animals.
18. I am a member of a rowing club and enjoy the parties.
19. I am dreaming of a Mini station wagon.

20. I miss the pub quiz evenings in Hannover, where I lived until 6 years ago.
21. Programming makes me crazy but I enjoy it.
22. I can watch "Father Ted" and "Allo Allo" for the 50th time and still die laughing.
23. I talk in my sleep. Sometimes even in English (which makes me proud :).
24. I would love to go to the Olympics one day.
25. I am addicted to Diet Coke.
26. Lying at the beach bores me.
27. I hate all kinds of Science Fiction.
28. Coalmines fascinate me.
29. I listen to Robbie Williams, Finnish music, Dashboard Confessional, The Stereophonics, The Lemonheads, Billy Bragg, Leonard Cohen, etc etc.
30. On telly I enjoy Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City and ER.
31. I would never go scuba diving because I don't like fish.
32. I enjoy Karaoke.
33. I love the Toy Story movies.
34. Bread makes me hiccup.
35. I read mountaineering books but I am scared of heights.
36. My favourite drinks are Lonkero, Guinness and Caipirinha.
37. I love to watch films by Aki Kaurismäki.
38. I enjoy cooking for my friends.
39. Driving makes me relaxed.

40. The only computer game I play is Sim City.
41. I would love to play golf.
42. I think Ralph Fiennes is the most gorgeous man in the world.
43. Wherever I go I buy a badge for my backpack.
44. I don't like cartoons.
45. I love writing postcards.
46. I enjoy modern architecture.
47. Roddy Doyle and Nick Hornby are my favourite authors.
48. Patriotism makes me sick.
49. I think a day at IKEA is entertaining.
50. I would love to take a photography course.
51. A day in a beergarden is heaven for me.
52. Newcastle upon Tyne, Helsinki in summer, Zagreb, Munich and Berlin are places I'd leave Düsseldorf for.
53. I hate the smell of vinegar.
54. I'm jealous.
55. The walls in my flat are red, grey, green and bright yellow.
56. I always liked Bert better than Ernie.
57. I can spend hours on the phone.
58. Michael Palin's travel books are my favourite books in my shelves.
59. I couldn't live without Computers.

60. I love to dance to 80s music because it brings back memories.
61. Unlike most Germans I have never been to Spain.
62. I would love to go on a cruise from Norway to Iceland and Greenland but a cruise would bore me.
63. I work in tourism. My job makes me even more restless.
64. As a kid I loved reading "Heidi" and "Wir Kinder von Bullerbü".
65. I only listen to music when I drive or work.
66. I could buy shoes and bags every day.
67. I hate dubbed films.
68. I love the heat and the smell of a Finnish sauna.
69. I get sunburned easily - even in the shadow.
70. White tulips are my favourite flowers.
71. I love all kinds of hats.
72. I hate superficial and false people
73. The best concert I have ever seen was Robbie Williams 2003 in Hannover and Teitur 2008 in Cologne.
74. I love the Oktoberfest in Munich. It's the only place on earth where I can drink 2.5 litres of beer in one afternoon.
75. My favourite selfmade food is Thai Chicken Curry.
76. Everytime I go into a CD shop I have to buy something. That's why I never go inside CD shops.
77. I spent my 34th birthday in the stadium watching a world cup match which ended 0-0. Before I had refused to sell my tickets for more than 1000 EUR.
78. I draw flowers, circles, squares and triangles when I am on the phone.
79. I love Facebook.

80. I find it hard to get up in the morning, especially in winter.
81. I love getting real letters from time to time.
82. I would love to meet Michael Palin one day.
83. I have never seen a movie starring Harrison Ford.
84. I would love to visit another Expo some day.
85. My boyfriend is from Munich but you couldn't tell from the way he speaks.
86. I hate ironing.
87. Spiders make me panic
88. Norman Foster is my favourite architect.
89. I think Burger King is better than McDonalds
90. Not having any travel plans makes me depressed
91. I love touristy places from time to time. Great peoplewatching there!
92. I love surprises.
93. If my house was on fire I would save my photos first.
94. I fall asleep whenever I try to watch a movie on telly. That's only one of the reasons why I love going to the cinema.
95. I hate it when I have to scan pictures or copy CDs.
96. Hannover 96 and Liverpool FC are my favourite footie teams.
97. I saw the Pacific Ocean before I saw the Mediterranean Sea.
98. My pictures are taking with an old Canon EOS 300 with a Sigma 18-200 lens.
99. I am always broke.
100. I am not good in replying to E-Mails and even worse in buying stamps.

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